Universal Consciousness: Symbolism of The Light of Health, Wholeness, Inner Peace: Accomplished

Ganesh in Nature Accomplished

The Journey of Understanding The Symbolism of the Light of Health, Wholeness, Inner Peace
This has nothing to do with religion

Universal Consciousness Energies

Symbolic colorful images of the Hindu spirituality of “Ganesh = 54/9 = Divine = 54/9 = Sun = 54/9 = Organized, Accomplished, simplicity, liquidity.
The power of Removing obstacles Is Within

The Sun rises to shed its healing light upon our bodies,
minds, and spirit (thoughts) for whole health, inner peace,
and to be accomplished through these.

Set oneself apart in quiet and beauty from others for a time each day.
Read, study, memorize (internalize by closing one’s eyes and seeing the
words that nourish one’s inner light on the screen of one’s memory).
Learn the yoga, the yin-yang, the balance of eating for best health which will
assist one to be accomplished in all that one sets out to do according to one’s
individual path. Each of our paths’ are different. Each of us is here to accomplish
according to our individual blue-print (the seed of our being).

There is a polarity to everything. An overextension of anything is what brings
weakness. To lessen the weakness one must reduce the expansion of what
is creating the overextension.

For example, there are three body-types (doshas) in Ayurveda: The Science of Life, that we all have.
One must learn about one’s individual predominant dosha
and bring it into balance through the other doshas. That is what brings one’s greatest
light, healing, wholeness, and inner peace. Thus one accomplishes the journey of one’s destiny,
one-day-at-a-time, one-good-thought-at-a-time, one-good-word-at-a-time.

Change Your Foods To Change Your Mind, Your Life, For Your Right Direction

The Three Doshas: Body Types One Must Balance Within(Overview

Vata: Air-Wind-Either
Tastes: astringent/bitter tastes: light foods (Nutrient movement, waste [ama] removal)
To maintain or lose weight, but not be emaciated, one eats according to Vata
Colors: Vibrant pastels, happiness
Overextension: Nervous, Fearful

Pitta: Elements: Fire-Water
Tastes: Pungent (hot), salty, sour (digestive fire: Agne)
To become mobile, intelligent, accomplished get things done and to bring
fat of body into balance one utilizes the fire of exercise, walking
lifting weights.
Colors: Reds and Oranges
Overextension: Anger, excessive aggressiveness

Kapha: Earth-Water elements)
Tastes: Sattva: sweet, heavy, oily, unctuous
Deep ojas (deep tissue) nourishment creates necessary fat in body for beauty and protection of body,
organs, sweetness, kindness and steadiness of spirit (thought), soul, relaxation
Colors: Dark and deep colors
Overextension creates lethargy, self-hate because of overweight, possessiveness, depression and other imbalances

Spring rises in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, the fire of the Sun warms the earth, and thus the cycle
of creation begins. This is the time for the bulbs planted in the fall to now bloom. One begins thinking of projects.

After May 31 here, seeds and seedlings can be planted because there will be no frost here in Colorado and other states
in the same hemisphere. The Autumn and Winter of the Southern Hemisphere will of course bring the oppose of Spring.

Late Spring, early summer brings the lilies, roses, and other plants according to their season.

Synchronicity: Individual Signs and Wonders

You can learn about the seasons of your own life through the numerology of your name and age by using the Divine Triangle Form on this site. Whether you are interested or not, it is within your own numbers that must be mastered for greatest health, wholeness, inner peace, and to be accomplished. Each letter of one’s name is a 9-year period of tests, overcoming, and accomplishment before the next step in one’s life can be undertaken, these are one’s individual and personal seasons. If you ignore them, or do not believe in them, and walk in blindness of these powers, then you will be taking the hardest path.

It is only when one embraces the necessary elements (chemistry of foods and colors’ lightness and density) of this earth for one’s personal Prakriti (constitution: Life: Individual Successful Accomplishment), that one will be the absolute happiest and healthiest.

In all of your getting, get knowledge and wisdom

…people perish for lack of knowledge and lack of wisdom.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere begins with the symbolic Fire sign of Aries: The Ram (The Hidden Book of Life, The book of the Lamb and its names written therein, the secrets rest (are hidden) within ones personal astrological chart and personal numerology which is within the individual astrological chart, and one’s personal identity and destiny begins with Aries the Ram: lamb), wherever Aries is in one’s individual astrology chart. One’s individual energies begin to Spring-forth with great joy wherever Aries is placed in one’s chart. One will not find the whole truth of oneself until one does what we all are admonished to do:
Ask, Seek, and knock, and the doors will be opened.

The food one eats creates who it is that one is, one’s temperament, health-wellness or not, emerge through the foods that we eat and fail to eat for best health, wealth, and happiness. One’s proclivities through the elements are placed in one’s identity: one’s astrological chart. As the Sun moves through the Tropical Zodiac through the months and the seasons, so it moves through one’s individual astrology chart to guide one on one’s individual path of daily, weekly, monthly, annual accomplishments.

The colors in one’s environment will either positively strengthen one’s temperament or weaken it, along with one’s health.

It is up to each, to personally observe what one puts into one’s mouth, how it makes one feel and act. If it is making one feel and be rotten, then it must be released to change one’s situation.

It does not matter what religion one practices, these are The Laws of Nature and The Laws of the Universe. This overview is an overview ofThe Reality of Life

Individual and Collective Karma Are Based on These Actions: Karma
The Sowing and the Reaping


Universal Consciousness: Ojas: Inner Vitality Controls Immunity

Prakriti: Individual Constitution

Individual constitution: Prakriti creates its personal “ojas”, one’s individual and personal vitality which creates one’s “aura”, and transmits one’s energy from mind to body, and controls one’s immunity.

One’s constitution can be altered through changing the foods one eats, creating better inner balance to the point of almost perfection, which controls all of one’s life. But one must take the step to invest in oneself” to become better. One must make the investment of a bit of one’s time to study about such matters. In this personal investment, one is rewarded through greater knowledge and understanding of one’s individuality and how it is at one with the Universal Consciousness: the Shakti power, the KundaliniShakti, which controls one’s individual and personal enlightenment to higher levels of being and seeing beyond what the dazzle of the world offers.

It is possible to be regenerated and renewed and move into a profoundly different experience of life and a new identity of oneself connected with one’s true inner spiritual essence, which is the process of life’s true purpose of greater meaning and fulfillment.

Universal Consciousness: “Know Thyself” To “Heal Thyself”

Whole Chakra Elements Chart

Change Your Mind To Change Your Life

“…People perish for lack of knowledge.”

Spirituality: “I (= 9) Am The Lord Your God Which Teaches You How To Profit and Leads You in The Way You Are To GO”

Rising Sun and Flying Gulls

I Am the Lord Your God Which Teaches You How to Profit and Leads You In The Way You Are To Go.

Karmas Spirituality: The Numbers: Name Energy: 9 Effort: Destiny Energy: See Name

Spirituality: Destiny Energy Transference: Individual Experience and Choice

Universal Consciousness utilizes the mature inner eye to calculate, to do the math of each 9-year period of each letter of one’s name. Each 9-year period of one’s life is the process and the journey of one step added to the next 9-year step and experience.

And the word became God.”

For Example: See 29/(11/2) + Understanding 60/6 = 89/(17/8) =

Sovereign 51
Energy 38
= 89/(17/8)

The 6
Immortal 11
= 17/8

The 6
Energy 11
= 17/8

God = 17/8

Karma = 17/8 Application = 17/8 Goal = 17/8

Study = 17/9 The 6
Numbers 11
= 17/8

The 6
Alphabet 11
= 17/8 Success = 17/8

L = 12/3
space = 44/8
V = 22/4
e = 5/5
a = 1/1
r = 18/9
n = 14/5

Efforts 35
Accomplished 54
89/(17/8) Success = 89/(17/8)

Resources 42
Authority 47
Save 47
Resources 42
= 89/(17/8)

The 6
Divine 36
= 42
Authority 47
= 89/(17/8)

Study 89/(17/8)

Application 17/8

Karma 17/8