Rewards of The Real Santa Claus: Shani/Saturn Determines Who Has Been Naughty or Nice


The Hindu and Jyotish God, “Shani”, the Western Astrological planetary energy of “Saturn” correspond to “The Real Santa Claus’, because Saturn determines whether we as individuals have been naughty or nice!!!!  Really!!!!!


Each of Jyotish or astrological charts (birth: natal, marriage, graduation, new location) has posted on it where our personal Santa Claus resides.  The day to make a decision toward greater self-discipline in a particular area of one’s life is Saturday. Shani is pleased with us when we voluntarily create our own boundaries or limitations as tools to assist our lives to be better and more rewarding through “austerities”, or what we can also call “sacrifices” for a better good.


Saturn has spent the past 2 1/2 years in the sign of the Zodiac (constellation) of Scorpio in Western Astrology, which rules what we share with others. The things we all share with our governments are the debt of taxes on various elements in our lives. The past 2 1/2 years the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in the United States has had great austerities required of them. They have had both labor and budget cuts, which has created austerities in the lives of those going through examination audits. In 2012 during tax reporting season both Shani/Saturn and Mercury were retrograde, therefore, there were great lessons to be learned by both the U. S. government, the IRS and the taxpayers. Great errors were made, but with errors and misunderstandings come lessons. Learning through these lessons can bring great rewards to those who discipline themselves to be detail oriented, because if tax examination comes, one has all the details in order to satisfy Saturn. When the details are not in order, then those who have been naughty will have to pay the consequences as fines and interest charges by the IRS. If however those taxpayers who have been “nice” in doing due-diligence with their tax details, the rewards for the errors of the IRS will be earned interest income at a higher rate than savings accounts because the IRS has been naughty!!!!!!

So, during tax season of this coming New Year, it would be wise to understand that Saturn/Shani will be retrograde, bearing delays, errors and reversals. Added to that for early income tax preparers Mercury goes retrograde in four weeks (in another week we will all be in a Mercury retrograde web of delays, reversals and misunderstandings in the areas of our lives wherein these aspects occur in our various astrological charts).

More on Shani/Saturn in the next post!!!!!