Woe is me: a day in the life of Felix the cat

I had my 7th graders start a creative writing assignment today about the life of their pet, from the animal’s point of view. As an example, I wrote one from Felix the cat’s perspective.

I often wonder what my cat is thinking when she does certain things. Her behavior continues to baffle me, but if I had to guess, this is what must be going through her mind on a daily basis:

6:58 a.m. My food bowl is empty. I’m going to die in this place. There is no hope for me anymore. Goodbye sweet world. Meow.

7:21 a.m. That Julia girl finally put more Meow Mix in my bowl. I crept into her bedroom while she slept and stared a hole into the side of her head until she finally woke up and fed me. I’m saved. At least until the bowl is empty again.

7:45 a.m. She’s left me…

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The Physical Body and Yoga

Through the Peacock's Eyes

My last post, Turning the Mind Upside-Down,                                                                sparked some important comments, and Ilotus-blossom feel clarification is needed as to what yoga is, what an Asana practice is, and our physical bodies in relation to yoga. Here is an excerpt from my very first yoga post from a couple of years ago: Yoga Is a Way of Life:

Huh? Many might ask: Isn’t yoga like a stretching class or a great way to get a workout in? While it is true that muscles will be lengthened, strengthened, and challenged in a typical yoga class, the physical practice of yoga, the Asana, wasn’t developed so we could burn some calories and look great in those tight fitting yoga clothes. Think of it…

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The Way of Physics: The Way of Spiritual Symbols: The Way of The Wheel of Life: The Way of Cycles of Life: The Book of the Lamb

Personal life physics












0965620832[1]The substances we ingest create our temperament, partially determining how we create in our personal worlds.


buddhism_wheel1A Buddhist perspective of incarnations.

chineeswielThe Book of the Lamb: “Aries” first age, Identity and Relationships, “Libra”. The polarity or yoga of personal identity and relationships.

1358246279_planetary-periodsIndividual and collective, present and eons, the wheel moves, the individual moves.

dharma logoDharma, individual purpose.

EH_Buddhist_Wheel_jb_html_m602328e6The various worlds.

makar sankranti


795720910_790529We take turns loving and serving one another.