The Joy of Japanese Portable Soaker Tub


You don’t have to be a snow monkey to engage in the joy of soaking in a pool of water to a temperature to your liking.

The ingenious portable Japanese soaker tub stays inflated at the top (inflated simply by mouth). The inserted legs that come with the soaker kit, that you will easily insert, stay inserted. There is a drain with an on-off spigot and another with a flip top lid on the bottom (on the model I have).

What is so ingenious about the portable version is that it can fit easy in any tub or shower and can be easily collapsed and stored in a closet. The Japanese have a tradition of washing the body before entering the stationary soaker because often many family members will use the same water to soak.

Once I have placed my soaker into the shower stall, I make sure that the spigot and drain in the portable tub are closed, then I begin simply filling the tub from the shower head with hot water first, then cool it down by turning hot water off and adding just enough cool water so that I do not burn myself upon entering the soaker while it is still filling to the desired depth. The volume of one’s body will fill the portable tub and the water to the desired depth of your choosing, it is not filled full, therefore there is a wonderful water conservancy factor by using this type of tub with high walls!!!

I first turn off the shower head, shampoo my hair, then pull back the flexible tub and rinse my hair with water from the shower head, which drains directly into the shower tub and not into the soaker tub. I make sure I have a chop stick available to wrap and fasten my clean hair up on top of my head while I am soaking.

The design of the high walls of the Japanese portable tub that is pictured above (can be purchased through Amazon), allows the water to stay very comfortably warm for a longer time than the usual elongated porcelain bath tub.  My whole process is from one hour to one and one-half hours for a wonderfully relaxing soaking experience.

No one in my household utilizes my tub, it is my private luxury. I soak in it (I am 5′ 4″ and sit cross legged, but can also move around to different positions due to the flexibility of the heavy plastic portable tub). I use my finger nails to exfoliate my face and body while soaking.

If I want to warm the water, I release some of the water from the spigot, then add more hot water, and continue to enjoy the fabulous experience.

If the shower stall gets too much water from hair rinsing, I simply stand up and hold two of the inserted legs from the outside, and lift the portable tub until the excess water in the shower stall has been eliminated through the shower drain.

When I have finished soaking, I open both of the portable tub drains and lift the portable tub by two of the leg bars so that the water will drain down the shower drain. Another method is to bring up a couple of plastic buckets and dispose of the water as you wish.  It is simple to step out of of the tub by holding on to the shower walls. Once the portable tub is empty enough, it can then be turned on its side or upside down to eliminate the remainder of the water.

Simply collapse the portable tub and store in a closet for the next use.





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