La Vern

My periodic posts over the years are simply for inspiration. Now 70, married 52 years in June 2017, healthy diet, vitamins and herbs (no matter what doctors say, they are essential), daily exercises, weights, walking, superior habits and activities, and  still blessed with my natural hair color, healthy, slim, happy.

Waking happy and positive every morning for what I have worked for and earned, I refresh my personal paradise daily by renewing my mind with wonderful thoughts and perspectives by various spiritual traditions around the world.

Getting up between 3 am and 4 am I study various philosophies, walk, and lift light weights, all within my residence which I have purposely prepared for the basically 8 months of winter here in Colorado, USA. I do not allow the weather to dampen my daily routine. The 4 months of June, July, August and September are spent maintaining a Japanese-inspired paradise. The beautiful and the positive are a great daily inspiration.

Retired personal and organizational analyst, Astrologer, Numerologist, Metaphysician, and Accountant.

The beauty within every culture is an inspiration to me.

You Tube documentaries, Netflix and various foreign movies help me continue learning about what interests others and the reinforcement of situational lessons we all need to be reminded to remember.

I make sure I get a daily fix of watching animal videos of cats, dogs, and various animals, mammals, insects, geological and mineral documentaries to remind me of the wonder of the world

All of these are my daily meditation routine. Various studies, exercises, mindful living, moving the multitudes of beautiful  rocks in my garden to keep its essence flowing, are all sources of meditation and exercises for me, maintaining a youthful mind, body and spirit.

The beauty within every human being, animal, insect, rock, tree, shrub shows me the greatness of beauty within everything.

The greatest wealth one possesses is one’s connection with the wonder and creative spirit within and every creature and essence of this earth and sky.

The pictures and books posted hopefully will help to open new dimensions of thinking to those who view this site. I do not do daily posts because all I have to say in word, picture, book selections has already been expressed as is only a notation of possibilities.

La Vern De Wilde



Cell Salts





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