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The Way of Right Nutrients




Nutrients for the soul and life come in many forms:



Universal Consciousness: Symbolism of The Light of Health, Wholeness, Inner Peace: Accomplished

Ganesh in Nature Accomplished

The Journey of Understanding The Symbolism of the Light of Health, Wholeness, Inner Peace
This has nothing to do with religion

Universal Consciousness Energies

Symbolic colorful images of the Hindu spirituality of “Ganesh = 54/9 = Divine = 54/9 = Sun = 54/9 = Organized, Accomplished, simplicity, liquidity.
The power of Removing obstacles Is Within

The Sun rises to shed its healing light upon our bodies,
minds, and spirit (thoughts) for whole health, inner peace,
and to be accomplished through these.

Set oneself apart in quiet and beauty from others for a time each day.
Read, study, memorize (internalize by closing one’s eyes and seeing the
words that nourish one’s inner light on the screen of one’s memory).
Learn the yoga, the yin-yang, the balance of eating for best health which will
assist one to be accomplished in all that one sets out to do according to one’s
individual path. Each of our paths’ are different. Each of us is here to accomplish
according to our individual blue-print (the seed of our being).

There is a polarity to everything. An overextension of anything is what brings
weakness. To lessen the weakness one must reduce the expansion of what
is creating the overextension.

For example, there are three body-types (doshas) in Ayurveda: The Science of Life, that we all have.
One must learn about one’s individual predominant dosha
and bring it into balance through the other doshas. That is what brings one’s greatest
light, healing, wholeness, and inner peace. Thus one accomplishes the journey of one’s destiny,
one-day-at-a-time, one-good-thought-at-a-time, one-good-word-at-a-time.

Change Your Foods To Change Your Mind, Your Life, For Your Right Direction

The Three Doshas: Body Types One Must Balance Within(Overview

Vata: Air-Wind-Either
Tastes: astringent/bitter tastes: light foods (Nutrient movement, waste [ama] removal)
To maintain or lose weight, but not be emaciated, one eats according to Vata
Colors: Vibrant pastels, happiness
Overextension: Nervous, Fearful

Pitta: Elements: Fire-Water
Tastes: Pungent (hot), salty, sour (digestive fire: Agne)
To become mobile, intelligent, accomplished get things done and to bring
fat of body into balance one utilizes the fire of exercise, walking
lifting weights.
Colors: Reds and Oranges
Overextension: Anger, excessive aggressiveness

Kapha: Earth-Water elements)
Tastes: Sattva: sweet, heavy, oily, unctuous
Deep ojas (deep tissue) nourishment creates necessary fat in body for beauty and protection of body,
organs, sweetness, kindness and steadiness of spirit (thought), soul, relaxation
Colors: Dark and deep colors
Overextension creates lethargy, self-hate because of overweight, possessiveness, depression and other imbalances

Spring rises in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, the fire of the Sun warms the earth, and thus the cycle
of creation begins. This is the time for the bulbs planted in the fall to now bloom. One begins thinking of projects.

After May 31 here, seeds and seedlings can be planted because there will be no frost here in Colorado and other states
in the same hemisphere. The Autumn and Winter of the Southern Hemisphere will of course bring the oppose of Spring.

Late Spring, early summer brings the lilies, roses, and other plants according to their season.

Synchronicity: Individual Signs and Wonders

You can learn about the seasons of your own life through the numerology of your name and age by using the Divine Triangle Form on this site. Whether you are interested or not, it is within your own numbers that must be mastered for greatest health, wholeness, inner peace, and to be accomplished. Each letter of one’s name is a 9-year period of tests, overcoming, and accomplishment before the next step in one’s life can be undertaken, these are one’s individual and personal seasons. If you ignore them, or do not believe in them, and walk in blindness of these powers, then you will be taking the hardest path.

It is only when one embraces the necessary elements (chemistry of foods and colors’ lightness and density) of this earth for one’s personal Prakriti (constitution: Life: Individual Successful Accomplishment), that one will be the absolute happiest and healthiest.

In all of your getting, get knowledge and wisdom

…people perish for lack of knowledge and lack of wisdom.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere begins with the symbolic Fire sign of Aries: The Ram (The Hidden Book of Life, The book of the Lamb and its names written therein, the secrets rest (are hidden) within ones personal astrological chart and personal numerology which is within the individual astrological chart, and one’s personal identity and destiny begins with Aries the Ram: lamb), wherever Aries is in one’s individual astrology chart. One’s individual energies begin to Spring-forth with great joy wherever Aries is placed in one’s chart. One will not find the whole truth of oneself until one does what we all are admonished to do:
Ask, Seek, and knock, and the doors will be opened.

The food one eats creates who it is that one is, one’s temperament, health-wellness or not, emerge through the foods that we eat and fail to eat for best health, wealth, and happiness. One’s proclivities through the elements are placed in one’s identity: one’s astrological chart. As the Sun moves through the Tropical Zodiac through the months and the seasons, so it moves through one’s individual astrology chart to guide one on one’s individual path of daily, weekly, monthly, annual accomplishments.

The colors in one’s environment will either positively strengthen one’s temperament or weaken it, along with one’s health.

It is up to each, to personally observe what one puts into one’s mouth, how it makes one feel and act. If it is making one feel and be rotten, then it must be released to change one’s situation.

It does not matter what religion one practices, these are The Laws of Nature and The Laws of the Universe. This overview is an overview ofThe Reality of Life

Individual and Collective Karma Are Based on These Actions: Karma
The Sowing and the Reaping


Universal Consciousness: Ojas: Inner Vitality Controls Immunity

Prakriti: Individual Constitution

Individual constitution: Prakriti creates its personal “ojas”, one’s individual and personal vitality which creates one’s “aura”, and transmits one’s energy from mind to body, and controls one’s immunity.

One’s constitution can be altered through changing the foods one eats, creating better inner balance to the point of almost perfection, which controls all of one’s life. But one must take the step to invest in oneself” to become better. One must make the investment of a bit of one’s time to study about such matters. In this personal investment, one is rewarded through greater knowledge and understanding of one’s individuality and how it is at one with the Universal Consciousness: the Shakti power, the KundaliniShakti, which controls one’s individual and personal enlightenment to higher levels of being and seeing beyond what the dazzle of the world offers.

It is possible to be regenerated and renewed and move into a profoundly different experience of life and a new identity of oneself connected with one’s true inner spiritual essence, which is the process of life’s true purpose of greater meaning and fulfillment.

SPIRITUALITY: Your Name Is The Process and The Journey of Personal Destiny Measured In 9-Year Increments of Fulfillment


Name is destiny. Destiny is a process and a journey. Each letter of one’s name is placed on one line for each nine (9) year stage. Convert each letter of one’s name to a number. One’s destiny has greater meaning by utilizing the hidden information within the letters of one’s name to become more effective and successful in what is required of one. One’s destiny meaning and accomplishment are measured in 9-year stages, which are also cumulative. Utilize this graphic to map out the numbers of each period of one’s life, from 0-9, 9-18, 18-27, 27-36, 36-45, 45-54, 54-63, 63-72, 72-81, and so forth.
Each 9-year stage number for the letter of your name for the age you are tells you one of the energy fields you are operating under for a 9-year period. Add each 9-year age number to the 9-year age you are presently operating under.

During the 8th and 9th year of each letter of your name, you will be bringing things to a close, to move into the next stage of the next letter of your name and the new cumulative number of adding all the numbers of the letters of your name up to the stage you are in. Each next stage you add the new letter number for the cumulative number, but you will still be operating under the current letter of your name.

You can research the meaning of the number of previous years and the cumulative number of your name at each 9-year stage from age 18-27, and so forth.

Practice learning the meaning the numbers from 1-9. The meaning of the Tarot cards correlate with your own numbers, this is wonderful Universal Cosmic Consciousness study, learning, embracing, internalizing, spiritual (mind-thought) training to add to your personal tool box of accomplishment in various areas of one’s life.

I have posted the astrology mandala with the numbers of the houses of the Constellations (houses of the astrology chart), to assist you with locating these same numbers in your own personal astrological chart that you can download from the internet.

The 1st-6th signs (your identity Dosha element, body-type , appearance and your relationships), 4th-10th signs (one’s inner being element and what one makes of oneself element (remember, your life is a journey, the chart you see on this post is the diagram, the map of that journey as one progresses with one’s individual purposes and accomplishments), 6th-12th signs (health element and services to others) of your astrology chart will assist you to understand why you have the body type you have.

Connecting your life-path map with your astrology will assist one on the process and journey of fulfillment and inner peace.

In due time I will post the meanings of each number from 1-9. You can research on internet, or obtain: Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

Suggestion: Compare and e-bay for used books to save moola, moola!!!!!!!

Spirituality: Frugal Simplicity

Spirituality: Frugal Simplicity

Water of life, trickling water, sound within the garden and a simple reservoir, brings life, birds, sometimes an egret (blue heron) looking for fish in the pond, and pesky squirrels (pesky because they chew off small branches, leave partially eaten fruits on their pathways, and eat down the tops of some of the junipers in our particular landscape, thus the continual picking up and cleaning-up after the little critters!!!!) when there are surrounding trees. Night brings nocturnal creatures into activity, racoon, fox and yes, even skunk to the refreshing water.

Freezing winter subsides, the motor that pumps the living water of life over the rocks creates a simple water-fall for the the birds’ daily showers to fluff their feathers and to joy with great gratitude, spashing their feathers in the pond’s reservoir. The beautiful gift of great joy in the water of life in the garden of life, its inhabitants, and to the one who was given the thoughtfulness and creativity to build the structure that will provide many seasons of nature’s simple spirituality.

Robins, crows, magpies, chicadees, Chinese doves, and various finches, ducks and geese have residence in our area perennially, thus gracing the city and our property and private ponds and rivers. They await, just as we do, the lifting into spiritual-renewal come mid-April here, Spring Equinox, when the trees and grasses step-up growth for the foliage that will hold the nests of the young, provide shelter and privacy. Budding flowers of various fruit trees and bushes begin in February here for the various bees and squirrels. In due-time seasonal veggies and fruits come for the pecking and eating pleasure of the wildlife, the humans reaping the remainder. During the long winter and throughout the year, the perennial fruit of the resident squirrels and robins are the juniper berries and juniper trees.

The indigenous peoples, nature-focused peoples, and botanists understand the value of the juniper and its berries. The part of humanity that doesn’t know what the juniper offers can learn a lesson from the creatures that utilize the frugal simplcity the juniper and berry offers. The Juniper berry is anti-biotic in the sense of its bitter taste, which provides the system with a natural balance, is diuretic, and provides good heart health. I chew several fresh juniper berries daily, and even dry them and keep in jars for winter munching when snow is on the ground. Research the juniper’s herbal-remedy gifts on the internet.

Wildlife knows about frugal simplicity, if it can winter well in a particular area because the area provides some moisture through its foods and resevoirs they are as happy as they can be under winter circumstances. They are even happier when the Solar energy king emerges on the sunny days throughout winter, giving not only wildlife renewal and happiness, but all of humanity too, who choose to embrace the solarrays’ gifts of warmth and healing. We each know and understand well, how the Solar Sun energy king lifts the hearts and spirits of the majority. When it is a sunny day, people are usually happier to some degree. I know that I am extatically greatful!!!!!! The solar rays provide vitamin D synthesis for our bones and other healthful benefits.

All of these kinds of elements (earth, air, water, fire) in our environment gives equality in the sense that we each have the equal choice of how much it is that we will as an individual learn about, embrace, utilize and enjoy the frugal simplicity of nature’s healing spirituality. The joy of what each season’s gifts brings to each of us, is up to each individual to consciously tune into, explore and embrace.

The winter brings the beauty of the naked structure of the diciduous trees which are ruled by the zodiacal constellation of Capricorn. Our skeletal structure is also ruled by Capricorn. In the latitudes in line with the North American latitudes, we have come out of Capricorn’s season of the cold-stark death of winter. The time when all of nature’s plants and trees go inward to be renewed at the return of the Sun King’s solar rays, which give warmth for growth and strength. Even the evergreens change their hue of green. The blue spruce maintains its hue.

The Chinese and Japanese utilze the symbolism of the evergreen in their arts to remind them of the strength of these trees through the harsh winds and snows of winter. Be it Austrian pines, junipers, and evergreens of all types, these trees in our landscapes provide an enduring beauty, shelter and reminder of strength through the harshnesses of winter. The tender plants and humanity go inward into each of their physical homes both in house and the temple of their spirit, their body to complete winter tasks. The transient fowl move to warmer climes and return to our climate when the season becomes warmer as the Spring Equinox approaches. The bears and other creatures that hibernate have their individual winter sleep, birthing and emerge when the harsh cold subsides.

February and March bring us closer to the Spring Equinox, but all through this winter period before the Spring Equinox, we work inwardly in maintaining and completing our physical and spiritual tasks before the dawning of the new annual season. Sometime after the holidays, many begin working again on their bodies to lose the weight gained through the celebratory holidays. How lucky are those who utilize the motto of “moderation is liberation,” during the commercial holidays and push rich consumptive habits out of their lives.

It is so wonderful to have a daily regime of small portions and various exercises within the home and at work, such as weight lifting, pilates, stationery bike or treadmill while watching videos. Walking outdoors for convenient fresh air throughout the day during breaks from one’s work, travel to appointments, shopping and lunches are wonderful frugal ways for whole body-exercise. Each household and astrological sign has their own method of maintaining good health or not.

Part of completing each annual year is nurturing the inner gratitude, opportunity for learning something new, continuing to master one’s interests and career disciplines during the frugal simplicity of the changing seasons’ gifts to each of our lives. Whatever one’s environment, one can with great gratitude and joy, honor self by learning more, mastering more of the gifts of one’s spirit and nature.

The frugal simplicity of each season’s beautiful gifts provides the natural things that nature provides to create our own individual decor within our individual landscape and home. Beautiful variously-hued and shaped rocks and shells from the oceans: abalone (blues, greens, whites, pinks, reds inside and those that have been polished on the outside show their great beauty as well. Various clams provide their inner multi-hued beauty, oyster shells with barnacle growth, natural and polished nautalus all provide nature’s frugal simplicity.

All of nature’s frugal simplicity, be it within our landscape outdoors, or within the inner landscape of our homes caring for even just one houseplant in a sunny spot, and our inner selves provide clues for each one of us of the natural beauty of simply being what it is that one is. Nature does not compare itself with anything, it is only humanity that makes judgments. Thus, I like the simplicity of the Buddhist concepts of nonjudgment and neutrality. Enjoying everything for what it is, for its beautiful varied functions and “is-ness”.

The Solar king’s sunny rays shine within and on us all. The season within which each of us is born, the zodical solar house which we call our Sun sign is where our individual hearts and individual vitality pour’s out its rays of light and gifts for a particular Cosmic Dharma (purposeful functions and is-ness). The subtle energy within the individual that evolves through experiences one-day-at-a-time, whether the sun is shining outside or not, the inner solar rays emit their evolution to one’s self and one’s environment and shine on others’ lives through the individual behaviors and works of one’s life in each area of one’s life.

The cosmos and nature provide us with wonder, beauty, lessons, nonjudgment, neutrality and gratitude for its wonderous beauty through the seasons of evolution. We thus provide to others’ gratitude for all the wonderous beauty in our own behaviors, creativity, and works in the seasons of our own daily evolution

How great that is!!!!!!