The Joy of Japanese Portable Soaker Tub


You don’t have to be a snow monkey to engage in the joy of soaking in a pool of water to a temperature to your liking.

The ingenious portable Japanese soaker tub stays inflated at the top (inflated simply by mouth). The inserted legs that come with the soaker kit, that you will easily insert, stay inserted. There is a drain with an on-off spigot and another with a flip top lid on the bottom (on the model I have).

What is so ingenious about the portable version is that it can fit easy in any tub or shower and can be easily collapsed and stored in a closet. The Japanese have a tradition of washing the body before entering the stationary soaker because often many family members will use the same water to soak.

Once I have placed my soaker into the shower stall, I make sure that the spigot and drain in the portable tub are closed, then I begin simply filling the tub from the shower head with hot water first, then cool it down by turning hot water off and adding just enough cool water so that I do not burn myself upon entering the soaker while it is still filling to the desired depth. The volume of one’s body will fill the portable tub and the water to the desired depth of your choosing, it is not filled full, therefore there is a wonderful water conservancy factor by using this type of tub with high walls!!!

I first turn off the shower head, shampoo my hair, then pull back the flexible tub and rinse my hair with water from the shower head, which drains directly into the shower tub and not into the soaker tub. I make sure I have a chop stick available to wrap and fasten my clean hair up on top of my head while I am soaking.

The design of the high walls of the Japanese portable tub that is pictured above (can be purchased through Amazon), allows the water to stay very comfortably warm for a longer time than the usual elongated porcelain bath tub.  My whole process is from one hour to one and one-half hours for a wonderfully relaxing soaking experience.

No one in my household utilizes my tub, it is my private luxury. I soak in it (I am 5′ 4″ and sit cross legged, but can also move around to different positions due to the flexibility of the heavy plastic portable tub). I use my finger nails to exfoliate my face and body while soaking.

If I want to warm the water, I release some of the water from the spigot, then add more hot water, and continue to enjoy the fabulous experience.

If the shower stall gets too much water from hair rinsing, I simply stand up and hold two of the inserted legs from the outside, and lift the portable tub until the excess water in the shower stall has been eliminated through the shower drain.

When I have finished soaking, I open both of the portable tub drains and lift the portable tub by two of the leg bars so that the water will drain down the shower drain. Another method is to bring up a couple of plastic buckets and dispose of the water as you wish.  It is simple to step out of of the tub by holding on to the shower walls. Once the portable tub is empty enough, it can then be turned on its side or upside down to eliminate the remainder of the water.

Simply collapse the portable tub and store in a closet for the next use.





Hidden Treasures Inner Wealth


Grateful life


Love austerity

Aum peace

The good


The life

The sacred


Quiet archetypal form



Infinite variety and multiplicity


Essence, heart, nature, messages

Fire sacrifice

Full understanding

Self realization

Restricted speech

Reined monkey mind

Reined hunger

Aware consciousness

Self knowledge

Full of devotion

Surrendered in faith

Experiences the infinite

Non suffering

Non sorrow

Non judgment

Non attached

Quantum self peace.

Creative Consciousness Expansion and Greater Understanding


Consciousness expansion is transcending fear, and embracing the confidence to study subjects you are told are evil. The hidden subjects that are to be sought out individually provide the techniques for expanding, broadening one’s perception and understanding of those things that can only be seen from within.



The joy of daily practice and self-mastery makes one’s life more worthwhile.

The journey from the astrological Aries sign (identity) is to transcend one’s vices, turning one’s being toward one’s strengths through self-transcendence (transcending one’s fears).


One transforms one’s self and life by expanding and broadening one’s perception about one’s capacities and capabilities to master and have strength over self-defeating thoughts that hold one back from making small daily constructive changes that make one feel better about oneself and one’s life.




Creativity: The Joy of Beauty and Transformation



This is a year of completion and the seeds of new beginnings. I’m a numerologist and 2016 can be calculated as 36/9, the numbers for both words, completes and endings.  We will all be completing various elements in our lives which will include relationship endings at various levels and various giving personal meanings. Within all endings are the seeds of new beginnings, regeneration and personal renewal. It is the release of an old way of life to enter a new way of being and seeing. Therefore, endings are releases that are not to be feared, for it is only through these releases, we call endings, that one can be released from one phase of life in order to enter the next new phase of being and a new life.

The butterfly reminds us of the cycle of creativity, the slow process of renewal and resurrection. It is within the Spring that we have a wonderful anticipation that April brings, the resurrection in the Northern climes of the cycle of the various new seasonal sprouting bulbs, plants and new spring clothing that give us that feeling of true newness and renewal.

Also what sprouts within is the desire for renewing our environs with new colors and textures which will express something wonderfully new within, telling us who it is that we are within!



The Japanese culture have a wonderful sense of seasonal and artistic expression within various aspects of their culture that honors this personal inner renewal both within the self and within their homes. They have the traditional obi which is pictured above which the Geisha of their culture will express through the obi they will wear depending on the season.

We can utilize the many obi available to express our appreciation of a different kind of artistic expression. I do this by hanging various obi on a Japanese shoji screen in various rooms of my home, switching them for the various seasons. I also place them over a door that remains open all the time, as a change of décor. I store the various obi not in use on protected hangers and simply put them neatly in a closet for other seasons, switching them through out the years.

In many traditional Japanese homes there is an alcove called a takonoma” specifically designed and built to express each season, wherein is placed a scroll (an obi can also be used like a scroll in places like this), some other artifact, and seasonal foliage or flowers as illustrated below:


Here you see displayed a cherry branch, with the beloved cherry blossoms of Spring for the setting in a room specifically, a ‘tatami’ room, with tatami covered floor (which is usually a wood plank floor). The sitting cushions you see are the traditional-style table seating. The beauty of this particular creativity is the serenity it brings to one’s essence and is wonderful for times of personal contemplation.


Grace, beauty, inspirational experience and living is what the universal consciousness and the omniscient creativity within all of our lives expresses in our own personal and various ways through all of the various cultures of the world.

In Asian culture and astrology each year is signified with the first new moon, this year was February 8, 2016, The Year of the Red or Fire Monkey.


This can be the red chimpanzee or any of the ape family. These animals are very creative and have a great deal of ingenuity. There are many very interesting documentaries available on both Netflix and You Tube that show how the infringing metropolis in many countries that have these animal populations (the monkey is considered sacred in some spiritual traditions and therefore some temples are dedicated to them).  Overtaking the habitat of these creatures forces them  to survive, by infiltrating the metropolis to steal food stuffs to survive the infringement of a spreading metropolis onto their own shrinking food supplies and seasonal changes.

So, what we all have in common is our need for survival, our individual ingenuity to survive and to be as happy as we can be within the world of various nationalities and species of this world.

The nations of the world are releasing old ways to embrace new ways in order to survive. This need for change is scary, but we all must put our hearts to rest, and to merge and flow with the slow, necessary changes our societies are engaging, so that we all can enjoy the essence of our individual lives, the lives of other cultures, and the beautiful essence of our plant, animal, and oceanic kingdoms.

Let’s journey together, utilizing our individual ingenuity to create our new kingdoms with the wonderful ideals of love, beauty, compassion and helpfulness toward others as each of us struggles through the requirements required of us to be as positively creative as we can through our transitions from one phase of life and living to another!

La Vern De Wilde