Chinese New Year: February 19, 2015: Year of Sheep Aries: Identity Yoga with Libra Relationships

chinese_zodiacClick on this chart to see the year of your own birthdate and the sign of the year you were born.

The year of the Sheep, or mountain sheep, is symbolic of the Ram, the first house of identity in the age-old natural constellations of the Zodiac. The age of the Ram in sculpted structures throughout Egypt and various archeological sights can be quite informative. Just by viewing its nature in it’s climb up rocky mountain heights to the top gives you a sense of your own inner identity in several particular areas of your chart in comparison to others’ charts with whom you have relationships (Libra is the polarity sign, or yoga of relationships ruled by Venus).

If you have ever hiked up various mountainous terrains, you have seen that there are paths created by various animals. Not only the sheep or Aries the Ram, but other creatures, utilize these age-old worn paths of security that wind zig-zag up the slope of the mountain, just as a snow skier glides on the snow in a zig-zag fashion to the bottom in a rhythmic, systematic and enjoyable journey down a slope.

Aries, the Ram or the sheep, rules the head. You have heard the question, “Why doesn’t that person use their head?” Interestingly, the nature of the Ram is to use its head to “butt” its opponent. The smart person utilizes intelligence as a defense.

Aries is a fire sign (and is shared also with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius) ruled by Mars, the warrior. The way one expresses one’s defense will be indicated in one’s chart by what sign is in the natural place of Aries, the first house of identity. The second place will be which house in one’s astro chart one’s actual Aries sign is located. The third indicator of Mars expression will be where Mars is located in ones astro chart and where one’s Scorpio (also ruled by Mars and Pluto are located). These will all also affect one’s response of where one’s other two fire signs are located.

horoscopewheel[1] 75px-Mars_symbol.svg[1] Mars Ruler of Aries The Ram: The Sheep

Therefore, we can adapt this “technique” this year to utilize a rhythmic and systematic climb to the heights of our individual personal inner call that will emerge from the universe as April, the true new year of the zodiac, approaches. We can take note, that Capricorn, the goat, also a mountain-climber, in all of us, is indicated by where it is located in one’s personal astrology chart. The natural cosmic zodiac of the constellations of Capricorn has been the natural 10th house of the zodiacal constellations of the zodiac. Each of us has a particular sign for the time of our birth, marriage, residence, employment date, etc. within this natural cosmic area.

If you have Capricorn on the rising of your chart, it will be in the natural sign of Aries, so you are keen on rising to the top with persistent effort. Capricorn is also the sign of the “parent”, therefore one will have a tendency to be the parent in relationships.

So, you will have your own individual house in the natural 10th house which will confirm for you, and assist you with greater understanding about your particular career, what one makes of oneself. You will have The house of Capricorn (sign of the goat), somewhere in your particular chart, which will give you additional information about how and what it is that you do to earn your particular place in the world.

Uranus is moving  through Aries, therefore you have probably experienced “unexpected ” changes in your relationships this past year. This has an impact on one’s identity, for one’s relationships have a great deal to do with how it is that one expresses oneself.

Wherever the above-mentioned placements are within your chart will be the area wherein you will experience the most change for the next three years.


The Way of Physics: The Way of Spiritual Symbols: The Way of The Wheel of Life: The Way of Cycles of Life: The Book of the Lamb

Personal life physics












0965620832[1]The substances we ingest create our temperament, partially determining how we create in our personal worlds.


buddhism_wheel1A Buddhist perspective of incarnations.

chineeswielThe Book of the Lamb: “Aries” first age, Identity and Relationships, “Libra”. The polarity or yoga of personal identity and relationships.

1358246279_planetary-periodsIndividual and collective, present and eons, the wheel moves, the individual moves.

dharma logoDharma, individual purpose.

EH_Buddhist_Wheel_jb_html_m602328e6The various worlds.

makar sankranti


795720910_790529We take turns loving and serving one another.

Rewards of The Real Santa Claus: Shani/Saturn Determines Who Has Been Naughty or Nice


The Hindu and Jyotish God, “Shani”, the Western Astrological planetary energy of “Saturn” correspond to “The Real Santa Claus’, because Saturn determines whether we as individuals have been naughty or nice!!!!  Really!!!!!


Each of Jyotish or astrological charts (birth: natal, marriage, graduation, new location) has posted on it where our personal Santa Claus resides.  The day to make a decision toward greater self-discipline in a particular area of one’s life is Saturday. Shani is pleased with us when we voluntarily create our own boundaries or limitations as tools to assist our lives to be better and more rewarding through “austerities”, or what we can also call “sacrifices” for a better good.


Saturn has spent the past 2 1/2 years in the sign of the Zodiac (constellation) of Scorpio in Western Astrology, which rules what we share with others. The things we all share with our governments are the debt of taxes on various elements in our lives. The past 2 1/2 years the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in the United States has had great austerities required of them. They have had both labor and budget cuts, which has created austerities in the lives of those going through examination audits. In 2012 during tax reporting season both Shani/Saturn and Mercury were retrograde, therefore, there were great lessons to be learned by both the U. S. government, the IRS and the taxpayers. Great errors were made, but with errors and misunderstandings come lessons. Learning through these lessons can bring great rewards to those who discipline themselves to be detail oriented, because if tax examination comes, one has all the details in order to satisfy Saturn. When the details are not in order, then those who have been naughty will have to pay the consequences as fines and interest charges by the IRS. If however those taxpayers who have been “nice” in doing due-diligence with their tax details, the rewards for the errors of the IRS will be earned interest income at a higher rate than savings accounts because the IRS has been naughty!!!!!!

So, during tax season of this coming New Year, it would be wise to understand that Saturn/Shani will be retrograde, bearing delays, errors and reversals. Added to that for early income tax preparers Mercury goes retrograde in four weeks (in another week we will all be in a Mercury retrograde web of delays, reversals and misunderstandings in the areas of our lives wherein these aspects occur in our various astrological charts).

More on Shani/Saturn in the next post!!!!!

The Way of Image






black and white chinese tree









The Way of the Inner Sage

                                                  Foundation of Good Fortune

5184207283_598fa0f54d_zchineeswielChineseZodiac333chinese-painting-531-11Quiet deliberate Persevering


Daily_ChoresAcceptance, Humility, Caution

imagesInner Truth, Gentleness, Correct in Every Measure

ea5dbcafcc14c83c8efe17d78398c3a4Nonwavering Devotion, Disciplined, Modest

The Tao, The Divine, The Law It Be: Shows You Now To Live Within The How

Herein rests The Tao of old
you too can see your life unfold

Each element is within the season ezklzdac[1]
wherein unfolds your reason

The Tao, The Divine, The Law It Be
It calls to you, so that you can really see! natal-cross[1]houses[1]

Study the symbols of your chart a little each day
The Tao will show you the way Saturn trine Jupiter 2013-2014 001

These images give you the clues
but require you ensue Rulers[1]Astrology-Chart[1]Image

The sage a tonic besage3f12469e9a60e5ef3e0b9ee9c05d69ff[1]
in time you can see

Knowledge, resources and insights are its supplyth[4]
herein they multiplybagua4[1]

houses[1]fx_Bloom_New[1]chinese-medicine-clock2[1]The Constellations Zodiac Seasons, Colors, Numbers, and Tarot 001past-life2[1]

Whole Chakra Elements Chart

Ensuing Chinese Year of The Horse
The ninth house of higher knowledge is the course


The Tao, The Divine, The Law, the command it Be
It wants you now, how to understand

The Tao, Our Divine Physics
Truly is the Metaphysics of all wisdom classics



“The People Perish For Lack of Knowledge”, “Ask, Seek, and Knock”, “Why????”: “Personal Salvation!!!!!!”

Be Ye Renewed by the Renewing of Your Mind

Cell SaltsBiochemical Elements The Salts of Salvation


We Each Must Seek Higher Knowledge For Our Own Individual Salvation

Health issues permeate every area of our lives and are symbolic of whether one is effective and prosperous at an individual level. One does not have to attend college or university to go to the internet or library book shelves for specialty information. It requires personal effort and right choice to take the time to renew one’s mind, body and life. A personal choice and reward that outweighs the price. Whatever area of one’s life one is having challenges, those challenges are symbolic of the need for asking, seeking, and knocking for the right higher knowledge and experience of those who have tested and observed the variety of vitamins, minerals, herbs, foods, and ways of thinking that will provide the QUANTUM JUMP into a new life and a new way of being.

The Profound Knowledge Of “The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation” by Carey & Perry

Hidden knowledge rests in the pages of this research and understanding. You may not be one that likes to read books, you may not like “details,” but the hidden remedies and salvations come to those who are willing to take the effort of at least 30 minutes per day to study, to take notes, to learn, to review one’s notes, to internalize where they can find the solutions for their particular circumstances of health or other issues without having to go through very unnecessary additional pain.

It is so true that “The People Perish For Lack of Knowledge,” meaning that people are not willing to take the effort and time to be life-long learners, seekers of higher knowledge, studying who it is that one is and why it is that one is in a particular situation, and how to deal with a particular situation. Every ache and pain is symbolic of a source that has a remedy. This website shows images to motivate people to change maybe just one small element in their lives to make their lives more prosperous, healthier, and happier.

All it takes is a personal commitment to “focus and concentrate,” and be willing to take necessary personal steps to continue to learn and find answers and solutions that are applicable to one’s personal and individual salvation through higher knowledge, understanding and application (karma). Personal note taking and periodic reviewing of one’s personal notes serve as a tool that one can go back to, “Be Ye Renewed by the Renewing of Your Mind.”

A personal necessary daily ritual to make the effort to get up earlier for personal research and reading, studying, and contemplation on what one has studied is the way of daily renewal. The daily contemplation of one’s personal notes, and personally applying the steps to one’s own salvation in whatever area of one’s life one is focusing and concentrating on, is to simply be a better person and a better human being. One thus does not need to depend on others to bail one out of something. One thoughtfully takes the steps, no matter how small which create the QUANTUM LEAP which transcends the old way of being.

Frankly, this is what the personal inner spiritual individual does. The inner being is one’s right inner thoughts which manifest as right action, which is right karma, right understanding and right application of higher knowledge which is hidden in the right books. All one needs is one’s own, individual cosmic certification through the self-discipline necessary to make sure that one does not perish. Cosmic certification shows one various hidden truths. “The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation contains profound knowledge beyond what appears to be. It would be worth anyone’s time to explore the wisdom hidden in this book!!!!

“Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies” is based upon “The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation” and provides the color facial images, the appearance of certain deficiencies in one’s system and the simple remedies for one’s individual pain and offers salvation from such agonies.

The colors and elements in one’s life are also part of the personal and individual salvation. Agonies are symbolic of necessary action needed for seeking, to find the right knowledge necessary to remedy whatever the agonies are. We have to operate at the very private and personal level – the inner being to transcend. In testing, observing, sometime increasing an element until we find the quantity and right remedies that work for one personally takes personal commitment and fortitude to stay at it. One maintains hope, and in maintaining this hope because one seeks and applies what works for one individually, one thus transcends one’s situation and circumstance. The process and the journey of the material of the right thought is the material of the spiritual, the unseen powers within, and the elements of the cosmos and our earth, the materials working together for the quantum leap into a new life and new being.

Samurai: Symbolic of Inner Disciplines: The Inner Master Code


The Way of Great Opportunity: Right Timing: Auspicious Timing: Miracles

Foresight to not leave any loose ends is the opportunity at this time and for several months as Saturn, the personal self-disciplining narrowing, focusing, concentrating, purposeful-self-limitation structuring energy which assists each of us to accomplish something very important and necessary that will have long-term positive consequences if we harness this inner energy most effectively.

Added to that energy is a trine to Jupiter, the optimistic, expansive creation of something good in each of our lives, societies and the world as a whole. Jupiter turned retrograde (appears to be backtracking) from the ecliptic or tropical astrology). Jupiter will turn to direct motion March 5th, 6th, 7th, 2014, depending on where your location is.

This transiting aspect, is also occurring for those who have a natal/birth Saturn in the same position now, as transiting Saturn, which would be a Saturn return for those around 29 years old, 58 years old, and so on (a return every 29 years to one’s birth Saturn location).

When Jupiter turns direct motion, early March 2014 it will be at 10.26 degrees in Cancer, right on the cusp of the first 10 degrees of cancer, called the first decan, ruled here by the moon, going back over this point, and the second 10 degrees, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto and Mars. This correlates with Saturn in Scorpio. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is an Auspicious time. Cancer is the 4th house/constellation in the zodiac which rules one’s physical home which is both one’s physical being and the physical house within which one lives, be it house, an apartment or wherever.

The retrograde of any planet is symbolic of delays and reversals in thinking, situations, and life situations. In religious terms, this can be a time of a miracle or miracles in the areas of one’s life wherein Jupiter and Saturn are transiting and are connected through trine. This is the logic within all religions of having faith in knowing that what you want may not appear in your timing, but in the Divine Timing of “God”, the “Cosmos”.

When we are aware of the physics, the cosmological science behind manifestations, we can be more effective and productive. Even when you know nothing about astrology, there is an inner force that pushes one to make things happen in ways that are seemingly miraculous because the doors of effective behavior meet with right timing, and great opportunity opens.

This is what this aspect looks like for where I am now in Colorado, United States at 10:33 a.m. (though I am writing this two hours earlier, I have printed out the astrological chart. One can download your own chart and align one’s personal chart with this chart to see what areas of your life and in your life, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer, both water signs, will open doors of great opportunity to utilize foresight not to leave any loose ends.

Saturn trine Jupiter 2013-2014 001

Any gains made the past several weeks and forward for a few weeks, then when Jupiter turns direct in March an goes forward to meet a trine with Saturn again, what one does can be made even more solid when one utilizes foresight in the various aspects of one’s life to understand and to know how important it is not to leave loose ends, to be thorough in what one accomplishes.

The results of thorough organization will make one’s gains even more solid. This is a time when you are able to understand the rules and you will play by them in those areas of your life wherein these aspects are occurring. This is a period of practical, pragmatic, patient work to improve a situation. Important choices made now will greatly affect your future!!!!!

It is a time wherein you are able to make it clear to others that they will gain as well by working within a spirit of cooperation to accomplish something very important in your lives. A positive give-and-take attitude will assist others to be more willing to be on your team.

Further, This process of pulling things together with organized foresight so as to not leave any loose ends, will broaden your perspective and self-understanding through the utilization of real insights that you can gain for the betterment of your own life, from the lessons, stories of experience, or just inner seeing, the lives and choices of those older than yourself.

Previously, in my writing on Saturn in Scorpio 8th house of one’s astrological chart, I expressed my experience with accounting, the tax advantages of charitable gifting (knowing the rules and taking advantage of them to assist one’s financial being), for long-range tax advantage and tax preparations. Every location is different, the rules are different, my scenario may not match the rules of where you live, but something that is most advantageous can be recognized in some form, no matter where one lives. So I will express my current situation, to assist you to maybe obtain deeper insight as to how this opportunity can work for you.

As I expressed before, Saturn in Scorpio is about debt (or not), taking advantage of debt, like a rental property to be a financial strategy to reduce taxes, increase income, assist one to become financially independent in the long-term through asset building for retirement.

Back 29 years ago, when this transit was occurring for me, Saturn was going through my 10th and 11th houses, age 35, whereby I paid off all debt, except the mortgage on my home and a rental property, and through the instrument of the rents from the rental property I paid off both my home and rental property and saved, over a period of time so that my husband could retire sooner and we would be financially independent.

I now have a return of that period in our lives with this transiting aspect. Several years ago I sold the rental, put the money into 10-year CDs at a very fine interest rate. So, now I am structuring our Trust account for the future. Therefore, right now I am re-structuring our wills and our trust, and the goals that we had are now different and these instruments will reflect our evolution.

This is where Saturn in Scorpio, is structuring insurance and inheritances for others for the future. For us, it is about making sure our expenses will be covered through our own personal savings, rather than depending upon others. Remember, those of you who read my Saturn in Scorpio, I talked about the necessity of aligning one’s savings goals so that one does not have to depend upon others.

Our future has been set in place, plus the creation of Educational funds for Honors Scholars in the local community college and the university here, wherein I was an honors scholar and utilized graduate school. We are giving back to the community, to those young people, or nontraditional students returning to university to pursue a higher understanding. Those students with excellent grades can apply for various scholarships.

Therefore, I want to also send a message to those young and mid-age, who feel they may not have opportunity for higher education because their family or own personal resources are inhibiting. I want you to understand that you must ask, seek, and knock, and the doors will open. For me, I was always a good student, and good grades was my goal. I didn’t take the traditional track, I married first, went to university for accounting at age 18, had a career in accounting and organizational analysis up to age 39. At age 40-41 the Uranus opposition Uranus kicked in, which is the proverbial seeming mid-life crisis which ends the first part of one’s life.

The structuring of Saturn between age 35 and 40 of paying off all debt except mortgages (positive debt), set up what would open the door to a new re-orientation of my life, which was profound and fantastically rewarding in terms of what my dreams were, and how I fulfilled them according to the miracles of the physics of cosmology, The Divine, the physics of Astrology wherein each individual is given greater opportunities to earn higher stations in life, not just financially, but spiritually, the inner core of what one has made of oneself, what one has earned through the diligent self-disciplines and the structuring power of Saturn – Shani.

In my next writing I will express the wonderful Uranus opposition Uranus at age 39-41, wherein one has encountered the outer world, made an impact upon it, learned all about it, and one turns through a re-orientation of inner being, reaping the consequences of the choices of the first part of one’s life.




Consciousness and Knowledge of Saturn: Shani: Self-Improvement Required of us 10/6/2012 thru 12/23/2014

tChart_SATURNSCORPIO[1] The importance of this transit of Sautrn: Shani, in the 8th house or Scorpio and any aspects to it through this period, is that it will be 29 years before this transit occurs again, for anyone, in the particular area of one’s astrology charts, the part of one’s life that makes all the difference in one’s life. If one has Scorpio in one’s 10th house ruled by Capricorn, this will be the period in one’s life when one reaches one’s 29-year peak of expressing one’s unique capacities and abilities through greater responsibilities, which will then continue in the 11th house of aquarius in the following 2 1/2 year period after the transit of Scorpio in 10th, Capricorn. The fine complexities of reading one’s chart gives greater information for greater strategic capacities.


Saturn/Shani Transiting (moving through) Scorpio 8th Astrological House of What We Share With Others


Saturn (Shani in Vedic Astrology), the self-improvement energy is in each birth chart and is moving through each astrology chart for individual, village, town, city, state, country, nation, and world. Saturn moves through each zodiac sign for 2 1/2 years (it goes retrograde for several months every year, at which time there are delays and reversals in situations and circumstances in the particular area Saturn is transiting). Saturn is now transiting (moving through) Scorpio which is the 8th sign (house) of the zodiac and the birth chart. At time of birth, the 8th house is placed in one of the other astrological signs according to the hour of birth. For example, one may have Scorpio 8th house in Aquarius 11th house, or maybe Scorpio rising which may be partially in 12th house of Pisces and first house of Aries (house of identity and personality). The placement will vary for each individual.

The Greatness of Saturn A Therapeutic Myth (Story of Saturn) sheds light upon the darkness and shadow areas of our lives (Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon as well). Saturn assists us to structure each area of our lives, and it tests how well we have structured those areas and nurtured them through self-disciplines (or not). Knowledge is one of the greatest areas of our lives that requires one to study, to internalize, requiring continual daily practices to demonstrate our self-mastery in the various areas of our lives. Saturn requires this of all of us, for that is how it is that we are rewarded (or not). Saturn requires that we earn through various works and self-disciplines such as saving money for old age (Saturn). Those areas that we have not mastered well, are the areas we will have challenges and troubles with (identity, savings, siblings, home, parents, inner being, work and health, relationships, what we share with others, higher spiritual knowledge, what we make of ourselves, how we earn money, and what we want to escape from, etc.. Passing the tests during the Saturn transit, brings higher evolution through the self-mastery of capacities and abilities with greater and higher knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses, if we want to progress or be more successful in each particular area of our lives. (Every extra effort to learn about Saturn’s requirements in one’s personal and public life through personal research, study, mastery of information, and application (Karma) is what gives us good karma!!!!!!


Saturn glyph


Saturn’s (Shani’s) connections within one’s body, mind, soul, work, and life are profound. Honoring this energy and reverencing this energy within ourselves and others gives us a greater connection with the inner energy within and how it is that we each structure the areas of our lives.




Planet Shani[1]

Saturn rules Capricorn 10th house, of what one makes of oneself and various sectors of each of the earth signs in one’s astrology chart. Further, Saturn rules Aquarius the 11th house of how one earns, one’s hopes, groups one is associated with.



Saturn rules Saturday, therefore propitiation should be done at sunrise on this day. Crows are Saturn’s bird, as are trees, iron, blue sapphire and amethyst, structures, bones/teeth, business (work), and self-discipline (or not). Saturn rules rewards (or not, depending on self discipline to obtain, utilize right application of knowledge). Saturn time is the time of testing one’s individual mastery in the area of life wherein Saturn is at birth, and as it is transiting a particular house each 2 1/2 year period.

Saturn also rules the Vedic system karma (application) of Upaya(s) (those sincere efforts of propitiation, eliminations, sacrifices, donations to name a few applications). Propitiations, the remedies for situations with Saturn, Ketu and Rahu, and other aspects and signs requires right knowledge of appropriate upaya. The self-discipline as effort and sacrifice (self-restrictions), ultimately bring joy of reward for work well done (even if it is simply the greatest of all rewards, that of inner self-satisfaction). Higher knowledge opens one to the light of changed perception and realization, of which opens a door to shine that light upon the dark areas of one’s life. The light of higher knowledge assists the darkness to vanish removing obstacles because of higher knowledge. The negative images within one’s perception of a situation can be remedied, it is a matter of learning (Saturn’s self-discipline) how to utilize the right knowledge to provide greater insight and strength to fulfill the requirements Saturn demands. Passing the various tests Saturn brings our way is the domain of Saturn.

The Greatness of Saturn a Therapeutic Myth (story), is a book which explains how important the energy of Saturn is in our lives for self-healing, accomplishments, health, wealth and happiness and various other rewards.

Each house of the zodiac (one’s astrology chart for births: date of birth, date of marriage, date of purchasing a home, date beginning a business, etc.) has a meaning and that meaning is compounded by the time of birth wherein the position of the houses at the time of birth are placed upon the fixed chart of houses [zodiac]).

Saturn transiting the 8th house of what we share with others at this time, requires that we structure this area. It may requir wills, trusts, insurance policies, what it is that we will leave to others as beneficiaries upon our own death. Because Saturn will be in different areas of a chart for each of us, and will require different structured self-disciplines and tests, each house will have its own requirements, according to how it is that we are to progress in that particular area of our lives until December 24, 2014).

Further, with Saturn in the 8th house and the 8th house in another sign in our charts, other’s resources may not be available to us. Therefore, it is a good idea to get into a position wherein we don’t have to depend on others for certain types of resources. Scorpio, 8th house also rules, debt, taxes, sex, power, money, inheritances, self-transformation through what it is that we share with others. Therefore, getting to a financial place of paying off debts to put oneself in a better position financially, is another theme of Saturn transiting Scorpio 8th house.

Additionally, Saturn in the 8th brings into focus the greater transformations one has been going through since Saturn left Libra (7th house of relationships) in October of 2012. During that time each was called to define self and one’s capacities, abilities, responsibilities within relationships, and to accomplish responsibilities to the best of one’s capacities. For me, it was handling my in-laws estate, because of I was the only one in my husband’s family that had accounting experience, charitable giving experience, tax information, and understanding tax forms. I learned how important all of my past cumulative experiences were. I have Libra in 10th house of what I make of myself, so I “earned” the position of family financial strategist before the death of my mother-in-law. This very important estate information and strategies were tested prior to the very unexpected timing of her death after all of the strategies had been accomplished prior to her death. This defined who I am within my husbands family, more than ever before. To be able to have handled the complexities of the estate prior to the death of the last elder definitely, transformed my position in the family, and transformed my understand of the lack of knowledge within that family unit in such matters.

Now, Saturn in 8th house, Scorpio calls each to focus on finances and possessions one shares with others and to come to terms with others’ values. Living with others values and constructively incorporating them with one’s own without destroying one’s own values will be a key issue. By studying and understanding Saturn and Scorpio, these issues, one will be able to more maturely address one’s own values, what one shares with others and more effectively maintain the right to one’s individual stance.

Finances and possessions, what one owns is a 2nd house Taurus matter, which is the polarity of Scorpio in one’s various astrology charts. Personal ownership and sharing, and putting legal affairs in order (Saturn’s structuring feature), was greatly assisted for my husband and his family when Saturn was transiting 7th house Libra in his 3rd house of siblings. For 2 1/2 years, my husband learned more about his three siblings, which definitely changed his mind about how our own estate (Scorpio 8th house) would be legally distributed.

Subsequently, these experiences assisted us with a well-prepared plan as we update and structure our own estate affairs. Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn now, and will go retrograde Oct. 21, 2013, in Scorpio 8th house, therefore, it is wise not to make steadfast plans until Mercury goes direct the 2nd week of November, because there will be delays and reversals.

Following are a few other images that may be interesting to you.


Essential dignities - exaltations and fall[1]




Example of what one type of birthchart looks like, showing Saturn, and the other planets and their aspects to each other, through conjunctions, squares, trines, oppositions, etc. Knowledge of these energies in one’s individual life the micro level, and the macro level of the world gives one greater insight as to why things are happening. We can obtain greater knowledge and light in learning astrology, the movement of the planets through the zodiac, which are the months of the seasons, the requirements of you as an individual, and the remedies (upayas) of situational/circumstantial challenges.



Saturn, ruler of time, travels through each sign on his carriage bringing focus, concentration, limitations, seeming loss, all forms of adversity in the form of tests of our self-mastery and capacity for self-discipline to accomplish what is required of us.





The Way of Personal Healing

















Elements and tastes[1]