Chinese New Year: February 19, 2015: Year of Sheep Aries: Identity Yoga with Libra Relationships

chinese_zodiacClick on this chart to see the year of your own birthdate and the sign of the year you were born.

The year of the Sheep, or mountain sheep, is symbolic of the Ram, the first house of identity in the age-old natural constellations of the Zodiac. The age of the Ram in sculpted structures throughout Egypt and various archeological sights can be quite informative. Just by viewing its nature in it’s climb up rocky mountain heights to the top gives you a sense of your own inner identity in several particular areas of your chart in comparison to others’ charts with whom you have relationships (Libra is the polarity sign, or yoga of relationships ruled by Venus).

If you have ever hiked up various mountainous terrains, you have seen that there are paths created by various animals. Not only the sheep or Aries the Ram, but other creatures, utilize these age-old worn paths of security that wind zig-zag up the slope of the mountain, just as a snow skier glides on the snow in a zig-zag fashion to the bottom in a rhythmic, systematic and enjoyable journey down a slope.

Aries, the Ram or the sheep, rules the head. You have heard the question, “Why doesn’t that person use their head?” Interestingly, the nature of the Ram is to use its head to “butt” its opponent. The smart person utilizes intelligence as a defense.

Aries is a fire sign (and is shared also with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius) ruled by Mars, the warrior. The way one expresses one’s defense will be indicated in one’s chart by what sign is in the natural place of Aries, the first house of identity. The second place will be which house in one’s astro chart one’s actual Aries sign is located. The third indicator of Mars expression will be where Mars is located in ones astro chart and where one’s Scorpio (also ruled by Mars and Pluto are located). These will all also affect one’s response of where one’s other two fire signs are located.

horoscopewheel[1] 75px-Mars_symbol.svg[1] Mars Ruler of Aries The Ram: The Sheep

Therefore, we can adapt this “technique” this year to utilize a rhythmic and systematic climb to the heights of our individual personal inner call that will emerge from the universe as April, the true new year of the zodiac, approaches. We can take note, that Capricorn, the goat, also a mountain-climber, in all of us, is indicated by where it is located in one’s personal astrology chart. The natural cosmic zodiac of the constellations of Capricorn has been the natural 10th house of the zodiacal constellations of the zodiac. Each of us has a particular sign for the time of our birth, marriage, residence, employment date, etc. within this natural cosmic area.

If you have Capricorn on the rising of your chart, it will be in the natural sign of Aries, so you are keen on rising to the top with persistent effort. Capricorn is also the sign of the “parent”, therefore one will have a tendency to be the parent in relationships.

So, you will have your own individual house in the natural 10th house which will confirm for you, and assist you with greater understanding about your particular career, what one makes of oneself. You will have The house of Capricorn (sign of the goat), somewhere in your particular chart, which will give you additional information about how and what it is that you do to earn your particular place in the world.

Uranus is moving  through Aries, therefore you have probably experienced “unexpected ” changes in your relationships this past year. This has an impact on one’s identity, for one’s relationships have a great deal to do with how it is that one expresses oneself.

Wherever the above-mentioned placements are within your chart will be the area wherein you will experience the most change for the next three years.


The Way of Personal Healing

















Elements and tastes[1]








Spirituality: Third Eye = Universal Consciousness How It Works: Updated

Universal Cosmic Spiritual Energy

The challenge of the third eye (The Inner Eye) is to connect with each cosmic universal energy capacity

This graphic shows each area of the constellations we call the Zodiac in astrology. You say to yourself, “I’m not interested in astrology”. I understand, for I spent the first half of my life studying, practicing, integrating the best from the mysticism (not readily available to the average person) from Catholicism, Protestantism, Judism, because I spent the majority of my life in foster homes (my father was a Sagittarian Sun, his heart was mutable/changeable, moving from one experience to another, thus this placed me in a place to experience foster homes and the various faiths of such homes, and to embrace the opportunities of the moment, for those whom I lived with, I embraced and learned their practices).

I did what the Western tradition bible invited: “Ask, Seek, and Knock and the Doors Will Open”. The Inner Eye of my experiences showed me that each spiritual tradition is simply trying to assist its members with greater inner discipline of their individual inner elements. The Vedic Sciences has a wonderful tradition in assisting those believers in the natural ways to bring one’s self into greater inner and outer balance.

The Vedic Sciences has astrology as one of their disciplines. The Buddhists and Tibetans have their astrological traditions and medicinal practices that work together. Here in the West, our spiritual traditions have been slower to understand that there is a greater spiritual schemata. Therefore, here in the West and all around the world, we must all come to embrace this truth of higher Universal Consciousness through the commonalities of the areas of life we call our spirit (the way we think and act) expression. Everyone has their own astrology chart for the location, time, and day of birth. This is the spiritual energy, the divine energy, the cosmic energy wherein the secret societies around the world and the mystical sectors of each religion base the expression of their particular philosophies.

Those who have studied astrology in the West and who have also studied the bible well, understand to a degree the symbolisms in Revelations are correlated with astrology and the fixed signs of Taurus-Scorpio and Leo and Aquarius, which form a fixed cross. We each bear several individual crosses, which are indicated within one’s individual astrology chart affected by the various planetary transits through those houses. The transits activate individual activities and change. . We can all come to understand our personal crosses when one is willing to study the implications and the various planetary transits throughout one’s life. We learn what it is in life that we must bear for a time, working to make us stronger in character or not.

How The Ancient Spiritual Science of Third Eye Universal Consciousness Called Astrology Works

Each individual, religion, town, city, nation, business, entity has an astrology chart for the time of its agreed upon birth. The various differences in astrological techniques is individual to each entity and has its own specific interpretation. It is up to the individual to learn one’s own astrology, or what the constellations, the houses of the astrological chart mean, and when their particular “seasons” come into season according to the planet that is transiting each of the 12-sectors of one’s life. The twelve-sectors become six sectors, because each sign has its polarity which is in a different part of one’s life.

One can download one’s particular astrology chart according to the easiest first, Western tropical, and integrate other methodologies after one has learned the basic meanings of the signs and whether one wants to use the Jyotish Vedic sidereal chart which is 26 degrees difference in interpretations for each planetary transit, behind the Western tropical method.
(I have found the tropical chart which has its constellations upon the ecliptic to be extremely accurate.)

This is how a basic understanding of the planets unfolds in one’s birth chart. The sun is symbolic of one’s heart’s desire which will align with the energies and the elements of the particular house one’s individual birth sun is positioned. The sun moves one degree per day averaging 28, 29, 30, 31 days according to the months on the calendar (some cultures have their own calendars for their own reasons.) Thus the sun moves, through each constellation or house of the astrology chart an average of 30 days, and thus this is what moves one’s focus for accomplishments throughout the year.

The moon is symbolic of one’s emotions, the elements of one’s emotions, one’s mother, and females in one’s life. The moon transits a constellation or astrological house every 2 1/2 days, thus also moving one’s emotions. The moon’s nodes Rahu is the horseshoe shape north node with the opening downward and is symbolic of passions or obsessions one wants to hold on to. On the other hand, Ketu, the south node with the opening pointing upward will occupy the polarity sign of the north node, and is symbolic of a time when one is released from one’s passion and/or obsession.

Then there is Mercury, the sign of communications, travel contracts, and technology which transits a constellation/house on its timeline which can be followed through an ephemeris online or in book form. Venus is symbolic of what one values and is feminine in nature. Mars is one’s energy thus moving through the constellations/house to assist one to accomplish.

Jupiter spends one year in each constellation/sign/house, and goes retrograde (appears to be going backward as viewed from the earth for 4 months each year, wherein there is delay, rethinking, and reversal of one’s stance, as with all the other planets except the moon and sun. Jupiter is the energy of expansion in a particular areas of one’s life each year. But, one must be cautious because anywhere one overextends oneself, this area will become a weakness within one’s life.

Saturn transits each constellation/sign/house every 2 1/2 years and assists and requires one to be more self-discipline so that one can master that particular area of one’s life with greater responsibility, this is the only way one will be rewarded or not!!!! Right now Saturn is retrograding back to around 4 degrees Scorpio, 8th house (wherever it is in your personal chart), which rules the area of life of values we share with others. For the next two years, when Saturn goes direct and retrograde two more times. We will have to adjust our own values without giving them up totally to coexist with what others value and this is determined by one’s individual chart. The polarity of Scorpio is Taurus, the house of one’s own values, what one owns, saves and spends, so there will be issues of debt (death and taxes), interest income and rents.

Uranus spends 7 years in a constellation/sign/house, and brings unexpected changes, when aspected well with Jupiter it brings what the religions calls miracles, not in the timing one wants, but in the timing of the universe. Uranus in now at almost 12 degrees In the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, which rules the head (again, wherever it is in one’s individual chart). Remember during this 7 years each year it will go retrograde, there will be unexpected delays, rethinking and reversals.

Neptune spends 14 years washing away the matters of the house it is transiting to bring what one really needs and one will not experience it in the same house again in one’s lifetime. Neptune is now about 5.5 degrees of Pisces, the sign of its rulership which rules things hidden, the unconscious or subconscious.

Pluto spends 14 to 30 years depending upon the constellation and it brings down an old order (the metaphorical death, for the rebirth, to be born again in a particular area of one’s life). This too goes along with the miraculous of our religions.
Pluto is at almost 11 degrees of Capricorn, the sign of authority, businesses, and what it is that one makes of oneself. Therefore, we will see all of these areas of life be transformed in due time. Pluto is the very slow inner urge for change, which we all subconsciously work toward in whatever area of our life our birth Pluto is and the transiting Pluto.

When any of these planets are aspected by a sextile, square, opposition, and/or conjunction (the basic aspects) with one’s birth planets and/or transiting planets then things begin occurring within or “out of the blue” to move our being and lives.

When we understand these aspects in ourselves and that they are occurring in others individual charts, these are the phenomena that is so mysterious. When we understand this, we come to a greater universal consciousness, through the greater education of the spirituality of our third or inner eye.

First and second chart shows The Cross between the sectors of life (utilize this to see which astrology sign houses of one’s own chart are within these particular sectors: obtain free chart on internet)



Third chart is the astrology chart of the residence that I have lived at for 38 years, which correlates with my birth chart, as an example of Sagittarius rising and in first house with Capricorn in first house, and ruler of second house, and so on through the twelve constellations of the zodiac upon the tropical ecliptic. My own 1st house – 7th house polarity, and 4th house – 10th house polarity is marked in yellow for the first cross of identity and relationships, and my own inner being (4th house) and what I make of myself in 10th house. This cross has to do with higher education and spirituality as it pertains to identity (astrology, numerology and religions) and cultural relationships and identity.


Fourth chart shows the Second Cross of one’s value’s (if one is a saver or spender), what one shares with others (8th house polarity), one’s creativity (Leo 5th house) and how one earns income (11th house polarity: my 11th happens to be in my second house, so I also earn by saving and frugality). Whatever houses are placed in these areas from your own chart will reflect your life and through additional knowledge, if there are potential challenges, the remedies to these houses will be additional knowledge and self-discipline.


Fifth chart shows the Third Cross in life, 3rd house normally ruled by Gemini and Mercury, house of siblings and environment in polarity to Sagittarius 9th house of inlaws, higher education, religion – spirituality, and foreign places. Then the 6th house of health and work (services and tools) in polarity to the 12th house ruled by Pisces and Neptune which rule things hidden and the unconscious. Your personal houses will be in this area for these areas of one’s life. I’ve got Pisces and Aries in Gemini 3rd house of siblings and environment with polarity of Virgo house of health, services, and tools in the 9th house of higher education, religion – spirituality, and foreign places. (Note that I utilize foreign to America, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, astrologies and remedies not only for my own health, services and tools, but to assist others with these tools as well. My 6th house of health, services and tools is ruled by Gemini, and my natal chart has Uranus here which is not shown, which would represent the astrology I utilize in my own health, services and tools with the polarity of Sagittarius in the 12th house of unconscious (12 also rules past lives, and thus I have past lives in spiritual traditions health, work, tools.)


The symbols for the planets for the date of the closing of the residence or “birth” are in the outer circle. The inner circle are the transits and change of location of the planets through the 38 years of residence which have given me the clues as to my individual natal chart synthesis with the residential chart.

Astrology symbols: Name of Astrology symbols

Personal Energy Symbols

Each constellation from Aries to Pisces, correlates wityh the astrology houses, name and number 1-12. The “Rebirth, or born-again experience occurs in the Northern Hemisphere in April-May, symbolized by new leaves on the trees, the frost is gone from the ground, and plants begin blooming. Also symbolized by Easter, the resurrection from the dead of winter to the new birth of Spring.


The astrology chart with the numbers calculated for the numerology of one’s name or address and where in the constellations (houses) each is ruled).

Name and Word Numbers in Astrology Chart

The Seasons are shown on the astrology chart here.


The planetary transits is the cosmic clock, which is represented by the planets at the time of one’s birth, and any daily chart printed out that shows the degrees each planet, sun, moon, rahu and ketu are in transit.


Symbolic meaning of the planetry symbols in one’s chart.


Each subject one studies has its own language. The language of physics is different than the spiritual physics language of the various spiritual adepts around the world. But, spiritual language and studies are what unveil the mysteries of the Universal Consciousness. My wonderful task has been to correlate, and find commonalities of spiritual experiences wherein one’s experiences of the true UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE INNER EYE bring the understanding of the various religions into tolerance as the necessity of individual spiritual evolution. Those who take the extra effort to set aside specifically, time to study one spiritual element at a time and what it means, adds the seed which will grow into something greater and more profound within one’s journey to embrace universal consciousness.

In our contemporary world, there are some that do not dress as monks, or priests, or ministers, or cardinals, or Rabbis, but do have within them a greater, broader understanding that is termed universal consciousness and universal cosmic consciousness because they take the effort to broaden their spiritual studies beyond one religion or spiritual tradition. These individuals are in the world, operate within the profane world when necessary, but spend the majority of their time in secluded privacy within their own homes throughout the world, to train their third eye (The Inner Eye), to see what the ancients have passed down through astrology and numerology.

Remember, “It is given to some to see the kingdom of God”. If one does not take the effort, then this particular seeing will not be given to one. It takes simple effort, one-day-at-a-time. It does not occur over night, although I will say that there are astrological transits and aspects that occur that open the door of one’s inner eye and all of a sudden one has a grand lucid experience that changes one’s life for the better. Each day is like that for me.

The uninitiated, those who have not studied and utilized spiritual studies of universal consciousness, see these things as silly, unmeaningful and for some, they have been taught that these things are of satan, oh how brain-washed they are. The graphic that I show you is simple, but it holds the initial seed of the seasons and basic meanings of each sector of our lives. These are the areas of our individual experiences during the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter seasons of nature as we experience in the location wherein we reside all around the world. This is the first clue and correlation of our own seasons of life.

Simply correlating each of the graphics I have posted, through quiet, receptive use of the inner eye and to transfer the information from each graphic into the inner eye by memory, by closing one’s physical eyes, and being able to see each graphic meaning clearly with one’s inner eye is the secret of any study. To embrace, to internalize, to master information and the language of the spiritual occult sciences, one thus trains one’s neurological system to utilize the information to better one’s life, to become a better master of one’s responses to life situations that are in fact tests that each one of us must embrace and pass.

We each must pass tests to become masters of our own destinies. We come into a greater understanding of our destinies by becoming students of the information of the ancients which is available to those who explore using various words to ask, seek, and to knock and to open the doors which have been closed to the majority.

Now is a most wonderful opportunity, with a universal cosmic consciousness astrological aspect occurring. It requires individual effort to reach out, to embrace, and to take the time to study and practice, practice, practice for self-mastery. The aspect to come to understand is Jupiter sextile (60 degrees), Uranus. Uranus is the immortal energy within each of us to take the effort to embrace higher knowledge, higher information, and a higher understanding of the spiritual basis behind every spiritual tradition that is not shared with the average individual. The average individual’s attentions are focused on earning an income, and tending to their basic needs. The advanced individual sets time apart to be more spiritually productive within their busy schedule.

For example, my own body rhythms allow me to rise earlier than the majority, therefore, I utilize these two or three hours early in the morning when I will not be disturbed to do my various spiritual studies and exercises for Universal Cosmic Consciousness, which includes comparing and contrasting the Western Astrological Sciences with the Vedic Sciences of Nature and Life’s languages. I am a numerologist, therefore, I compare and contrast Sanskrit words with American English Words through numerical calculation to see if they correlate. I practice, practice, practice, and the information in time becomes internalized. The Inner Eye of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness thus broadens.

One step that one can do is to access the numbers code to the alphabet (each language has its own numerological system, but the simple system I show works very well), and do a numerology on each religion name. In this manner one can better understand why it is that people are drawn to particular religions and religious or spiritual experiences through the numerology of their own name. That is their particular spiritual experience required of them. Those who live in a Theocracy, must abide by the politics of their own region, but they too can still practice in private when they can to progressively come to a higher, more integrated understanding of all spiritual traditions.

During some peoples’ lives, some, are able to travel through the numbers (experiences) of the spiritual (religious) traditions, once they have mastered them, they move on to the next number of spiritual experience and tests. This is the essence of each person’s birthday, they enter into a new set of numbers, which are the spiritual energy fields of experience wherein they are tested based upon past experiences and level of mastery in their lives.

Through my postings, this is what I communicate. But, the Western Tradition’s scriptures tell us, “IT IS GIVEN TO SOME TO SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD.” Unfortunately, there are many that are misinterpreting the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Within, Universal Consciousness connects with the seasons and the houses, signs, LORDS and elements of the constellations called the zodiac to connect with the ONE WHOLE SYSTEM OF WHICH WE EACH ARE A PART.

Each of our spiritual evolutionary experiences is based upon passing our own individual tests, then choosing to embrace the lessons as our spiritual tools. Once each spiritual tool is mastered, one operates more effectively in every realm of one’s life.

The numerology for Heaven = 55/(10/1) is the same as Satan = 55(10/1) = THE MIND = 55/(10/1). If one chooses negative interpretation then one will reap accordingly. Those “some” who choose to embrace “Heaven”, and master “Heaven” works with “THE INNER EYE = 29/(11/2) = SEE = 29/(11/2) = LIGHT = 29(11/2) = ALPHABET = 29/(11/2) = NUMBERS = 29/(11/2) = WISDOM = 29/(11/2) = SUCCESSFUL = 29/(11/2).

Embrace the journey of greater spiritual knowledge and understanding, one-day-at-a-time!!!!! If you have a question, please ask. If you would like specific astrology or numerology graphics let me know. Thanks!!!!!

Spirituality: Meaning of Individual Inner Composition: Knowledge + Understanding + Application (Karma) = Manifestation


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Spirituality: Penetrate the Core, Be Ignorant No More


Spirituality: In All Your Getting Get Knowledge

Beautiful word and illusion
Lulls heart and mind.
Asleep remain
You do not find.
Penetrate ignorant lull
Arrogant arrogance awaken.
Ignorant faith, you do not know.
Deceive yourself no more.
Penetrate the core.
Be ignorant arrogant faith no more.
There’s more to faith than you are seeing.
Inner energies call.
Come know me cries the Christ, Krishna.
It is I within beyond the ego that calls.
It is my universal energies that flow.
The inner knowledge is what makes you whole.
Within, you can truly see me.
I promised I would meet you in the air.
The inner seeing yields greater revelation.
I wait for you to truly seek me.
The kingdom of God is within.
This knowledge can with nothing compare.
It is I that resides in your temple.
Come to meet me and know me better.
Within you abide thus with me.
The marriage of the Lamb it be.
Therein I Am, eternal being and unity.

Spirituality: Expression, Body-Type, Purpose: Accomplishment

Inner Timing For Better Health and Success

Connecting With The Universal Elements of Time

Universally, we all are in a re-structuring of what it is that we share with others. What we all share is SPIRITUALITY. BUT THE FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION OF WHAT WE HAVE FAITH IN IS OUR DIFFERENCE.

The numbers from 1-9 are each of our experiences every four (4) months and annually, because each of us has our individual spiritual experiential rhythm. Those who share the 8 have greater opportunity to connect with UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS at different periods in their lives. The numerology of my name is an 89/(17/8) La Vern (including the space=44). But I didn’t reach the full manifestation of the capacity to express the individual spiritual experience until I was 45, completing the study of astrology and numerology.

This Schema image that I have posted of the Tri-Doshas, the Body-Types within each of us, is from the Ayurvedic Sciences. You can see by studying the Tri-Dosha, Body-Type Schema that the body and nature journey through the times of day within each of our particular locations and time-zones. Therefore we individually and collectively unconsciously experience UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS occultly. Individually, each individual and element in nature is not consciously aware of the flow of the energies according to the clock, according to the time of the rising sun to the time of the setting sun rhythm that is UNIVERSAL according to the timing of the location of those daily events of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL RHYTHMS within the earths’
Solar and planetary schemata

In each time-zone, there is a basic synchronization for those in “the zone” of the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. job. a similar synchronization occurs with those “In Sync” with any other time of activity whereby people come together in UNITY within a group, a brotherhood or a white lodge at a higher level of experience and being.

In Unity each individual has their own individual TRI-DOSHA Unity or imbalance OR BODY TYPE INDIVIDUALITY. It is each individuals MIND-SPIRIT-CONSCIOUSNESS-FOCUS-CONCENTRATION within the membership of each particular group each individual works within. Herein, each individual contributes to the UNITY through what it is that each has to offer to the GROUP OR UNIT TO MAINTAIN UNITY.

In relationships, there is a balance, a yoga, the working of opposites like positive and negative of electricity that makes it POSITIVELY FUNCTIONAL OR NEGATIVELY HARMFUL. The over-extention of any element becomes dysfunctional. Therefore, through the INDIVIDUAL STUDY AND SELF-DISCIPLINE OF LEARNING HIGHER SPIRITUAL (mind-thought-the spirit within which one responds or reacts) TECHNIQUES INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY WE MOVE TO GREATER UNITY AND GREATER ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN OUR INDIVIDUAL DIVERSITY.


Our individual SPIRITUALITY BODY-TYPE adds to the unity of each group that we are a member. WE THUS HAVE DIFFERENCES IN OUR PERSPECTIVE AND OUR REALIZATIONS ACCORDING TO THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS THAT EACH OF US POSSESS WITHIN OUR TRI-DOSHA BODY-TYPE and the self-confidence within which we perform our individual tasks.

WE ARE IN UNITY THROUGH OUR DIFFERENCES INORDER TO ACCOMPLISH EACH TASK THAT EACH RELATIONSHIP REQUIRES. Some relationships run more smoothly according to the amiability (ability to get along) of the members of a relationship. The yoga, the relationship, requires differences in order to accomplish the different tasks. When we can embrace greater understanding of the necessity of differences to be able to accomplish we have better, more fulfilling relationships. What do I know about that? I have been married for 49 years. Do I know anything about what it is that I am expressing? It is something accomplished, it is success.


Throughout the world annually, there is various timing of extraordinary unexpected formation of EXCEEDINGLY STRONG ENERGY FIELDS we call tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other phenomena of the nature of the forming of THE ELEMENTS. It is only through devastating destruction that the old is wiped away in order that the particular area wiped away can CREATE SOMETHING NEW AND MORE CONTEMPORARY. Simply said, we do not like it, we hate it because it is exceedingly painful.

In this sense, when one can embrace and internalize a greater understanding of NATURE’S REASONING through the understanding of NATURES ENERGIES and NATURE’S TIMING, called THE DIVINE ENERGIES ONE FORMS THE INTERNAL LUCIDITY OF THE UNITY OF UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.


We each become more effective, when we LEARN FROM THE SAME MODEL, SCHEMATA, SEEING THE SAME IMAGE OF DIVERSITY WITHIN UNITY. In other words, we are all more or less experiencing the devastation of the GLOBAL CHANGES of destruction and unfairness.

Some are more SPIRITUALLY PREPARED than others. Some are more able to flow through great change with GREAT INNER PEACE because they are more organized within their personal tri-dosha, body-type, and utilize the philosophy and reality of the simplicity of balancing their individual inner destiny, through their particular accomplished spirituality.

Those areas of life wherein one is FIXED (unflexible) is the area that will experience the greater turmoil and misunderstanding. Those who have a propensity to be more FLEXIBLE, who bend with the wind, and flow, one-day-at-a-time with the energies that are working within their individual lives, are the ones that better weather the storm of the moment and learn the lessons necessary, and prepare for the next storm, which is inevitable, but can be handled more effectively because one learns through one’s experiences. It individual effectiveness rests within individual experience, preparation and application (KARMA) choices (Karma) of how it is that one will advance one’s connection with a more effective UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, UNITY WITHIN DIVERSITY.

Within each of us is the Kundalinishakti, which is the Plutonic – Shiva energy also called the Serpintine Wisdom which operates to destroy old ways of thinking, old habits, old structures in our lives which are not necessary and inhibit individual inner growth to attain a higher level of being. This is all part of Nature, the Divine, and the individual.

This force is operating Universally slowly, steadily, and stronger, where ever each of us has the energy field of Capricorn in our personal astrological charts, city, state, nation, world levels. We are each called to destroy old ways of thinking and being in our lives in order that we can create something more contemporary structurally that is more necessary and more functional than the old structure.

The Universal Spiritual Laws work more effectively when we understanding the Schemata of their Flow in each of our individual lives and collectively. This is where the Rising of the Individual KundaliniShakti energy of individual self-awareness is more effective by studying, learning, internalizing and embracing the spiritual language and words which hold the DIVINE NATURAL POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE to positively transform and transfigure one’s individual mind, body, soul, life and economy to perform at a higher level of Performance of Being.

When one undertakes a particular discipline at University, be it business, sports, an entrepreneurial path, social sciences, sociology, engineering, the A student understands that the language must be internalized perfectly to obtain a 100% on each of the tests. To internalize one must practice, practice, practice for personal self-mastery and greater effectiveness. One must be able to see the proper words upon the screen of one’s Inner Eye. The individual mind and the neurological system moves in synchronicity toward the goal of each word. Those who practice their particular spiritual tradition, get in-line, in-sync, with the particular teachings that one is drawn to through the numerology of one’s name.

Therefore, we are to practice not to judge each religion. We work to come to understand its particular spiritual practices within the context of the number, the numerology of the name of the particular religion and its individual particular spiritual rules of practice. We then can compare and contrast our own belief system and spiritual tradition with other spiritual traditions and philosopies, to come to a Greater and Broader Comparative Spiritual Philosophical Understanding of Universal Consciousness as Unity within diversity.

Please click through my previous posting to study and internalize the Universal Consciousness of Unity within Diversity, what is called The Divine within the Diversified Universal Energies of the Seasons of Earth and each individual life. Though we each have an individual consciousness we are each part of the Spirituality of the Universal Consciousness through our individual astrology and numerology. Each of us has an individual and particular timing to be accomplished in each area of our lives according to our predominant tri-dosha body-type and Gifts of our own individual Spirituality predicated upon effort and Divine Timing.

We are all In Process on the Individual Journey within the Collective Universal Consciousness.
I invite you to come into a greater synchonicity of understanding the Spirituality of Universal Consciousness through THE DIVINE ENERGIES OF OUR UNIVERSE SYMBOLIZED BY ASTROLOGY AND NUMEROL0GY THROUGH WHICH ALL SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS HAVE AS THEIR OCCULT BASIS AND FOUNDATION WHETHER YOU ARE AWARE OF IT OR NOT, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT. We must all come into a better synchronization of our meanings and purposes.

Stay tuned in with these postings!!!!!!! Namaste

Spirituality: Karma

T. Subba Row

T. Subba Row

“The highest spiritual improvement is possible for every human being and karma influences possibility…Karma itself is a product of human effort and human action, and can be altered and varied by human endeavour. Karma is not a settled and invariable cause, existing from eternity to eternity, predetermining the fate of every human being through thousands of incarnations…a definite path of progress to adeptship {exists}….The evil passions of humanity at the present stage block the way, not the Adepts. They are willing to help every one who is fitted for this kind of study, if one is really willing to help oneself….No one is immaculate and no one is entirely vicious….Their {Adepts’} influence on the progress of humanity will be the same whether they live in their retreats or in a place like Madras….”

Spirituality: Universal Consciousness: Individual and Collective Energies: One God: All Are ONE

Spirituality: Universal Consciousness: Individual and Collective Energies: One God:  All Are ONE

These are the energy fields of the Constellations that become the seasons of one’s life. These houses are located in a different position juxtapositioned upon the Constellations beginning with the house of Aries (The Lamb). The Constellations are THE BOOK OF THE LAMB within which is written the names through converting alphabetic name to numeric name.
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Practical faith means not overextending oneself. Practical faith is understanding that life is a daily chopping wood and carrying water. Each day one performs what is required of the day. Practical and even ingenious performance manifests each day. Zen: Daily practice, then the individual planetary time is marked by a Jupiter/Uranus transit in one’s chart that opens the door of an unexpected event. That is the reward of faith.

The calculation of the day’s number February 26, 2013: 2 + 26 = 28 = “Heaven” = “The Mind” + 2013 = 20 +13 = 33 = Order: Destiny: Price: Reward.

Add 28 + 33 = 61/7: “Inheritance”: We can inherit through one positive word spoken which ignites hope in one’s heart. Embrace the positive word, move one-day-at-a-time with that positive word, and another, and another, in one’s own “accomplished” season, : 9 = “I = 9”, am the lord your god which teaches you how to profit and leads you in the way you are to go. I = Sun = Divine = Organized = Simplicity = Liquidity = Play = Love = Accomplished.

Each letter of one’s name is a 9-year period of specific changing multidimensional energies we call “experiences”. We reap what we sow. Thus, our individual “inheritance” is the continuous weeding-out of our mind, our personal inner garden, all negativities.

Each day is one step upon one’s individual journey. As one chops wood and carries water in the earning of a living, one saves one’s resources for compounding if one’s dream is financial independence, not being a slave to another to earn one’s living.

Each of us has an unconscious inner positive voice that contains the word which we want positively accomplished against all odds, as one’s “opus”, one’s great life-work.

Saturn in one’s astrological chart at birth, is the inner instinct to labor to obtain one’s just reward or not. One can find out how strong one’s “inner will” is, what may be inhibiting one’s inner will. The inner will must want to self-discipline itself if it wants mastery. Zen: Mastery: chopping wood, carrying water, and one day one finds one has accomplished one element within a dynamic inner schemata of elements that are to be accomplished. Not just one “opus”, but each sector of one’s life will be one’s individual “opus”.

The elementals within One’s Life: The Energies the Religions Express as “God” or “The Gods”: The Planetary Energies: Rulers of Our Individual Being: Ruler’s of Each Sector of Our Lives: Our Temperament: Fire (Pitta), Earth-Water (Kapha), Air-Ether (Vata), There is (also Metal and Wood Elementals in The Chinese Spiritual Astrological System Tradition for Chinese Medicine).

Wherever the following constellations: houses, are placed within one’s individual chart, is the dynamic subtle energy and how one will express one’s life in its dynamic sectors aspected and transited by the planetary energies, “Aspects of God: The Complete System” or “The God’s: The Energies of Our Lives”.

Aries:Libra: Yoga of Relationships
Taurus:Scorpio: Yoga of What One Shares With Others
Gemini:Sagittarius: Yoga of Higher Thoughts and Manner of Expression
Cancer:Capricorn: Yoga of One’s Individual Socialization by Mother and Father or Other Parental Figures/Authorities:
One’s Beginnings: One’s Inner Being: One’s Endings
Leo:Aquarius: Yoga of Hopes and Wishes: Friends and Lovers: How One Earns: How One Invests or Gambles
Virgo:Pisces: The Yoga of One’s Services to Others: The Yoga of Health Issues: The Unconscious: Things Hidden from the Individual and the Collective.