Consciousness and Knowledge of Saturn: Shani: Self-Improvement Required of us 10/6/2012 thru 12/23/2014

tChart_SATURNSCORPIO[1] The importance of this transit of Sautrn: Shani, in the 8th house or Scorpio and any aspects to it through this period, is that it will be 29 years before this transit occurs again, for anyone, in the particular area of one’s astrology charts, the part of one’s life that makes all the difference in one’s life. If one has Scorpio in one’s 10th house ruled by Capricorn, this will be the period in one’s life when one reaches one’s 29-year peak of expressing one’s unique capacities and abilities through greater responsibilities, which will then continue in the 11th house of aquarius in the following 2 1/2 year period after the transit of Scorpio in 10th, Capricorn. The fine complexities of reading one’s chart gives greater information for greater strategic capacities.


Saturn/Shani Transiting (moving through) Scorpio 8th Astrological House of What We Share With Others


Saturn (Shani in Vedic Astrology), the self-improvement energy is in each birth chart and is moving through each astrology chart for individual, village, town, city, state, country, nation, and world. Saturn moves through each zodiac sign for 2 1/2 years (it goes retrograde for several months every year, at which time there are delays and reversals in situations and circumstances in the particular area Saturn is transiting). Saturn is now transiting (moving through) Scorpio which is the 8th sign (house) of the zodiac and the birth chart. At time of birth, the 8th house is placed in one of the other astrological signs according to the hour of birth. For example, one may have Scorpio 8th house in Aquarius 11th house, or maybe Scorpio rising which may be partially in 12th house of Pisces and first house of Aries (house of identity and personality). The placement will vary for each individual.

The Greatness of Saturn A Therapeutic Myth (Story of Saturn) sheds light upon the darkness and shadow areas of our lives (Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon as well). Saturn assists us to structure each area of our lives, and it tests how well we have structured those areas and nurtured them through self-disciplines (or not). Knowledge is one of the greatest areas of our lives that requires one to study, to internalize, requiring continual daily practices to demonstrate our self-mastery in the various areas of our lives. Saturn requires this of all of us, for that is how it is that we are rewarded (or not). Saturn requires that we earn through various works and self-disciplines such as saving money for old age (Saturn). Those areas that we have not mastered well, are the areas we will have challenges and troubles with (identity, savings, siblings, home, parents, inner being, work and health, relationships, what we share with others, higher spiritual knowledge, what we make of ourselves, how we earn money, and what we want to escape from, etc.. Passing the tests during the Saturn transit, brings higher evolution through the self-mastery of capacities and abilities with greater and higher knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses, if we want to progress or be more successful in each particular area of our lives. (Every extra effort to learn about Saturn’s requirements in one’s personal and public life through personal research, study, mastery of information, and application (Karma) is what gives us good karma!!!!!!


Saturn glyph


Saturn’s (Shani’s) connections within one’s body, mind, soul, work, and life are profound. Honoring this energy and reverencing this energy within ourselves and others gives us a greater connection with the inner energy within and how it is that we each structure the areas of our lives.




Planet Shani[1]

Saturn rules Capricorn 10th house, of what one makes of oneself and various sectors of each of the earth signs in one’s astrology chart. Further, Saturn rules Aquarius the 11th house of how one earns, one’s hopes, groups one is associated with.



Saturn rules Saturday, therefore propitiation should be done at sunrise on this day. Crows are Saturn’s bird, as are trees, iron, blue sapphire and amethyst, structures, bones/teeth, business (work), and self-discipline (or not). Saturn rules rewards (or not, depending on self discipline to obtain, utilize right application of knowledge). Saturn time is the time of testing one’s individual mastery in the area of life wherein Saturn is at birth, and as it is transiting a particular house each 2 1/2 year period.

Saturn also rules the Vedic system karma (application) of Upaya(s) (those sincere efforts of propitiation, eliminations, sacrifices, donations to name a few applications). Propitiations, the remedies for situations with Saturn, Ketu and Rahu, and other aspects and signs requires right knowledge of appropriate upaya. The self-discipline as effort and sacrifice (self-restrictions), ultimately bring joy of reward for work well done (even if it is simply the greatest of all rewards, that of inner self-satisfaction). Higher knowledge opens one to the light of changed perception and realization, of which opens a door to shine that light upon the dark areas of one’s life. The light of higher knowledge assists the darkness to vanish removing obstacles because of higher knowledge. The negative images within one’s perception of a situation can be remedied, it is a matter of learning (Saturn’s self-discipline) how to utilize the right knowledge to provide greater insight and strength to fulfill the requirements Saturn demands. Passing the various tests Saturn brings our way is the domain of Saturn.

The Greatness of Saturn a Therapeutic Myth (story), is a book which explains how important the energy of Saturn is in our lives for self-healing, accomplishments, health, wealth and happiness and various other rewards.

Each house of the zodiac (one’s astrology chart for births: date of birth, date of marriage, date of purchasing a home, date beginning a business, etc.) has a meaning and that meaning is compounded by the time of birth wherein the position of the houses at the time of birth are placed upon the fixed chart of houses [zodiac]).

Saturn transiting the 8th house of what we share with others at this time, requires that we structure this area. It may requir wills, trusts, insurance policies, what it is that we will leave to others as beneficiaries upon our own death. Because Saturn will be in different areas of a chart for each of us, and will require different structured self-disciplines and tests, each house will have its own requirements, according to how it is that we are to progress in that particular area of our lives until December 24, 2014).

Further, with Saturn in the 8th house and the 8th house in another sign in our charts, other’s resources may not be available to us. Therefore, it is a good idea to get into a position wherein we don’t have to depend on others for certain types of resources. Scorpio, 8th house also rules, debt, taxes, sex, power, money, inheritances, self-transformation through what it is that we share with others. Therefore, getting to a financial place of paying off debts to put oneself in a better position financially, is another theme of Saturn transiting Scorpio 8th house.

Additionally, Saturn in the 8th brings into focus the greater transformations one has been going through since Saturn left Libra (7th house of relationships) in October of 2012. During that time each was called to define self and one’s capacities, abilities, responsibilities within relationships, and to accomplish responsibilities to the best of one’s capacities. For me, it was handling my in-laws estate, because of I was the only one in my husband’s family that had accounting experience, charitable giving experience, tax information, and understanding tax forms. I learned how important all of my past cumulative experiences were. I have Libra in 10th house of what I make of myself, so I “earned” the position of family financial strategist before the death of my mother-in-law. This very important estate information and strategies were tested prior to the very unexpected timing of her death after all of the strategies had been accomplished prior to her death. This defined who I am within my husbands family, more than ever before. To be able to have handled the complexities of the estate prior to the death of the last elder definitely, transformed my position in the family, and transformed my understand of the lack of knowledge within that family unit in such matters.

Now, Saturn in 8th house, Scorpio calls each to focus on finances and possessions one shares with others and to come to terms with others’ values. Living with others values and constructively incorporating them with one’s own without destroying one’s own values will be a key issue. By studying and understanding Saturn and Scorpio, these issues, one will be able to more maturely address one’s own values, what one shares with others and more effectively maintain the right to one’s individual stance.

Finances and possessions, what one owns is a 2nd house Taurus matter, which is the polarity of Scorpio in one’s various astrology charts. Personal ownership and sharing, and putting legal affairs in order (Saturn’s structuring feature), was greatly assisted for my husband and his family when Saturn was transiting 7th house Libra in his 3rd house of siblings. For 2 1/2 years, my husband learned more about his three siblings, which definitely changed his mind about how our own estate (Scorpio 8th house) would be legally distributed.

Subsequently, these experiences assisted us with a well-prepared plan as we update and structure our own estate affairs. Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn now, and will go retrograde Oct. 21, 2013, in Scorpio 8th house, therefore, it is wise not to make steadfast plans until Mercury goes direct the 2nd week of November, because there will be delays and reversals.

Following are a few other images that may be interesting to you.


Essential dignities - exaltations and fall[1]




Example of what one type of birthchart looks like, showing Saturn, and the other planets and their aspects to each other, through conjunctions, squares, trines, oppositions, etc. Knowledge of these energies in one’s individual life the micro level, and the macro level of the world gives one greater insight as to why things are happening. We can obtain greater knowledge and light in learning astrology, the movement of the planets through the zodiac, which are the months of the seasons, the requirements of you as an individual, and the remedies (upayas) of situational/circumstantial challenges.



Saturn, ruler of time, travels through each sign on his carriage bringing focus, concentration, limitations, seeming loss, all forms of adversity in the form of tests of our self-mastery and capacity for self-discipline to accomplish what is required of us.





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